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Art is the perpetual pursuit of self, seeking answers through painting.

Illustrator  of  Fashion and Art - GARY TU

Gary Tu, a fashion illustrator from Taiwan, has left a profound impression on the international art stage with his unique artistic perspective and profound skills. His works are not just illustrations, but also a perfect fusion of fashion and art, showcasing a deep understanding of aesthetics and distinctive innovative abilities.

Through watercolors and brushstrokes, Gary Tu cleverly combines blur with clarity, abstraction with concreteness, and intensity with harmony. His paintings seem to reflect his own emotions, experiences, personality, and the powerful force of beauty. This time, through oil painting and combining his insights into fashion, he brings us this rich oil painting course. 

His achievements are not only reflected in collaborations with internationally renowned brands such as VOGUE, ELLE, BAZAAR, but also include joint ventures with luxury brands and commercial giants, as well as his works being permanently collected in internationally renowned Michelin-starred restaurants. These iconic collaborations and recognitions demonstrate his leading position and influence in the world of fashion illustration.

As a fashion illustrator, Gary Tu not only invests his passion and talent into artistic creation but also dedicates himself to inspiring more people to love and pursue fashion and art through education and sharing. His courses not only teach techniques but also provide a journey into the beauty of art and exploration of self-expression, offering a platform for all art enthusiasts to realize their dreams.

From canvas to reality, post-impressionist colors breathe life into splendid attire.

In the symphony of oil painting, this course will guide you through the vast realm of oil art, from basic skills to advanced creative practices, exploring the rich possibilities and expressive power of oil painting. 

 This course allows students to delve into the historical background and theoretical foundation of oil painting, and through practical exercises, cultivate their own artistic language and creative style.

 Integrating Gary Tu's unique insights into fashion illustration, this course will lead students to explore how to combine fashion elements with oil painting techniques, creating works that are both personalized and artistically rich. 

 With his exquisite mastery of detail, keen perception of color, and ability to cleverly blend abstraction with figuration, Gary Tu has gained widespread recognition in the international fashion illustration community.

 This course is based on these core principles, aiming to cultivate students' innovative abilities and artistic expression in oil painting creation.


Unveiling the Color Secrets of Portrait Painting: GARY TU's Masterclass on Oil Underpainting and Coloring Techniques.

Delve into Gary Tu's exclusive underpainting and coloring techniques, lowering the entry barrier for oil painting, and providing students with the use of various details and skills. 

This allows beginners to accurately grasp the color techniques and presentation methods for portraying characters with a radiant complexion right from the start. Through detailed explanations and skillful application, Gary Tu will teach you how to precisely master the color combinations in character painting, as well as how to present the natural radiance of the characters. 

Whether it's the depth of shadows, the direction of light, or the warmth and coolness of colors, each aspect will be analyzed in detail throughout the process, enabling students to have stronger color control and more delicate color expression when painting characters.

【Exquisite Oil Painting Starter Kit】Includes 24-grid palette with 15 commonly used oil colors, 3 hog hair brushes, 5F linen canvas, 2B pencil, mixing palette, mixing paper, and blending oil.

Join our oil painting course and embark on your artistic journey, while receiving an exquisite starter kit tailored especially for beginners. We have meticulously prepared a series of high-quality art materials to help you ease into the world of painting and unlock your creative potential. 

 |Exquisite Oil Painting Starter Kit|Your exclusive starter kit includes: 『24-grid palette with 15 commonly used oil colors, 3 hog hair brushes, 5F linen canvas, 2B pencil, mixing paper, blending oil』

This beautiful starter kit is not only our support for your artistic journey but also an affirmation of your creative passion. Whether you're a novice in oil painting or an enthusiast looking to enhance your skills, this kit will provide you with a solid foundation. Join us now to embark on your artistic journey and create magnificent artworks of your own! 

*In case of out-of-stock items, similar tools will be substituted. We appreciate your understanding. *Actual colors may vary from the depicted images.


The Soul of Colors: Exploring the Art and Science of Oil Painting Pigments.


【Introduction to Pigment Usage: Starter Guide】 

 ▸ Drying Time: Oil painting pigments have a relatively longer drying time, allowing artists to make prolonged modifications and fine adjustments to their work. 

 ▸ Color Mixing: Oil painting pigments can be mixed on the canvas or palette to create rich intermediate colors and subtle color transitions. 

 ▸ Textural Depth: Oil painting pigments can be applied very thickly, creating three-dimensional textures and brushstroke effects. 



When using oil painting pigments, artists often need diluents (such as turpentine) and mediums (such as linseed oil or dammar varnish) to adjust the flow and transparency of the pigments.   

For storage, oil painting pigments should be sealed and kept in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct exposure to extreme temperatures or light to maintain their stability and color vibrancy.


Portraits in Oil, Mirrors of Emotion.

Join the GARYTU oil painting course, where we will lead you on an exploration of the mysteries of portraiture, particularly focusing on the portrayal of female subjects. Through meticulously crafted lessons, you will learn how to capture the unique elegance, strength, and subtle emotions of women, transforming these extraordinary qualities into vivid artworks. 

 【Course Highlights】

▸ Foundational Skills: From canvas preparation to basic painting techniques, gradually establish a solid foundation in oil painting. 

▸ Emotional Expression: Learn how to capture and express the inner emotions of subjects through portraiture, making the artworks not merely external imitations but also conveyors of deep-seated emotions.

▸ Color Application: Master the use of color to enhance the emotional expression and visual impact of the artworks. 

▸ Light and Shadow Magic: Learn to use light and shadow to imbue portraits with dimensionality and vitality, creating lifelike effects. 

▸ Personalized Guidance: Gary Tu will provide personalized instruction to help you discover and enhance your unique artistic style.

Exploring GARYTU's Source of Artistic Inspiration: Post-Impressionist Movement, the Stir from Musée d'Orsay.


The Musée d'Orsay: Source of Post-Impressionist Aesthetic Inspiration.  

Situated in Paris, France, it stands as one of the world's most significant art museums, dedicated to showcasing modern art from the late 19th to the early 20th century. Its extensive collection includes a plethora of oil paintings spanning various styles, such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and others.  

Among its treasures are authentic works by renowned artists like Millet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet, including masterpieces like 'The Gleaners,' 'Starry Night Over the Rhône,' 'Girl with a Piano,' and 'Woman with a Parasol.' 

 Inspired by the Post-Impressionist style during a visit to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, Gary Tu embarked on his journey into the world of oil painting.


Reflecting the Past Art into the Modern, Letting Each Artwork Tell the Story of Time.

In the Musée d'Orsay, Post-Impressionism transcends mere historical relevance, offering a vibrant portrayal of reality. Through each piece, we witness artists' observations of the world and their pursuit of beauty and enlightenment in life.


In the late 19th century, artists shifted from mere anatomical precision to expressing their own thoughts and emotions through bold and intuitive use of color and form. Post-Impressionism, known as a 'subjectivized objectivity,' pushed formalism to its limits, breaking free from constraints and pursuing a more abstract representation, departing from the Impressionists' focus on light and shadow.


John Singer Sargent, a renowned American artist recognized for his mastery of both Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, depicted the opulence and grandeur of the Gilded Age, earning him the title of a leading portrait painter of his time. Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, a Russian-born American painter, infused his work with influences from Russian folk art and symbolism, showcasing a distinctive exotic flair, particularly evident in his portraits of Native American subjects.

The profound impact of these two masters' distinct styles continues to resonate, their artworks rooted in solid foundations and honed skills. Their personal narratives and emotional expressions elevated their painting styles to new heights, marking the inception of their respective journeys into the world of oil painting.

Portrait Painting in Oil: Mastering Color Layering and Blending Techniques from Novice to Expert.


【Phase One: Foundational Color Blocking】 

In this stage, students will learn to observe and depict the basic color blocks of portrait subjects, understanding how light influences color and form to establish the fundamental structure of their artworks.

▸ Block Division: Simplify facial features into basic geometric shapes and color blocks. 

▸ Color Theory: Familiarize with the fundamental theories of color, including warm and cool color properties. 

▸ Intuitive Color Matching: Select appropriate base colors to complement the overall tone of the composition.


【Phase Two: Enhancing Shadow and Light】 

Students will further learn to enhance the three-dimensionality of portrait subjects through the handling of shadow and light. 

▸ Light-shadow Relationship: Identify and depict how light forms highlights and shadows on different facial features. 

▸ Depth of Color: Utilize color blending to create richer layers and depth. 

▸ Detail Handling: Begin refining facial features while retaining basic shapes.


【Phase Three: Detailing and Texture in Complete Artworks】 

In this stage, students will refine portrait details and focus on creating textures to make the artwork more complete and vivid. 

▸ Detailed Rendering: Render facial features intricately, such as eyes, nose, and lips. 

▸ Texture Creation: Use various brushstrokes and techniques to depict skin, hair, and clothing textures. 

▸ Color Balance: Adjust the final color palette to ensure harmony and balance. 


Through these three phases, students will master the entire process from initial composition to refined portrait completion, achieving advanced proficiency in color layering and blending. 

Exploring Canvas: The First Step in Oil Painting Background Color Selection and Learning.


For beginners entering the world of oil painting, choosing the right background color is the crucial first step, setting the tone and atmosphere for the entire artwork. Here's a course outline designed specifically for beginners, aimed at helping students understand the selection and application of background colors. 

▸ Selecting the Right Background Color 

▸ Impact of Background Color on Atmosphere 

▸ Practical Exercises on Light and Dark Backgrounds 

▸ Relationship Between Background Colors and Themes


Vintage Actress Costume Oil Painting: Artistic Masterpieces in the Flow of Time.

Unveil the beauty of vintage through oil painting exploration of actress costumes. This course, designed for art enthusiasts passionate about culture and oil painting, guides you from basic skills to advanced creation, gradually capturing and portraying the unique charm of vintage actress costumes. 

▸ Art of Costume Color Application 

▸ Harmony between Expression, Posture, and Costume 

▸ Personalized Creation: Unleash creativity, infuse personal style

The Art of Oil Painting Composition: Revealing Subject Positioning and Canvas Layout Techniques.

Delve into Gary Tu's secrets of oil painting composition, from subject positioning to canvas arrangement, gradually lowering the difficulty threshold of oil painting creation. 

Through precise application of composition details and techniques, even beginners can quickly grasp how to effectively arrange and present subjects on canvas, creating harmonious and appealing works. Gary Tu will lead you in exploring the relationship between subjects and backgrounds in oil painting, enhancing the layers and depth of the artwork through the use of light, shadow, and warm and cool colors. 

Each step aims to enhance your understanding of composition aesthetics and how to apply these principles to achieve optimal visual effects in actual painting processes. Whether your goal is mastering portrait or landscape painting, Gary Tu's professional guidance will ensure you can freely apply these composition and positioning techniques in oil painting creation, conveying the story and emotions you want to express accurately in every piece.

Oil Painting Creation: Basic Skills and Essence of Color.

This course aims to provide beginners with a comprehensive introductory guide, from basic materials understanding to color blending and application, each step carefully designed to ensure you can easily master the core skills of oil painting. 

Under Gary Tu's meticulous guidance, you'll learn how to prepare canvases, choose suitable painting tools, and apply basic color theory to create vibrant works. From basecoat techniques to layering colors, you'll gradually learn how to accurately express light and shadow effects, presenting the natural temperament and emotions of characters. 

Whether you aspire to engage in portrait creation or hope to adeptly use landscape painting, this course starts from the basics, helping you establish a solid painting foundation and gradually elevate to higher levels of artistic creation. Join us and, under Gary Tu's guidance, unlock the limitless possibilities of oil painting creation, allowing your artistic talent to fully flourish.

Soulful Windows: The Art of Facial Feature Depiction in Oil Painting.

Mastering Oil Painting Facial Features: Eyes Edition.

Dive into the soulful windows of oil painting - the eyes. 

In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to gradually construct one of the most expressive facial features. From laying down basic color blocks to finely sculpting details, we'll guide you in mastering the techniques for capturing the depth and charm of eyes.

Our curriculum allows you to understand the color layers at different stages, light and shadow contrasts, and how to use delicate brushstrokes to depict realistic and expressive gazes. Through these techniques, your artwork will be vibrant, conveying emotions and stories to viewers. Join us and let your paintings become not just objects of admiration but also bridges of communication.

Female Facial Features and Body Expression.

"Dive deep into studying the characteristics and expression methods of female facial features, including eyes, mouths, noses, etc., and explore how to portray the elegant posture and body language of women." 

In the extended part of the course, we'll explore deeper levels of expression and emotion, as well as how to enhance character traits and storytelling through body language. Additionally, we'll delve into the principles and techniques of color usage in post-impressionist style, learning how to use color to evoke emotions and atmosphere.

Advanced Depth and Emotion in Oil Painting Facial Features.

"Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting "The advanced focus of painting facial features involves a deep understanding and meticulous expression of facial details, creating characterful portraits with strong emotional expressions." 

Facial features are not static; they are tools for expressing emotions. Understanding and accurately depicting various expressions are crucial for advanced painting. Different parts of the skin tone vary due to blood flow, bone structure, or muscles. 

Advanced techniques include using warm and cool colors to express these subtle differences. Brushstrokes can create different texture effects, such as the smoothness of the skin or the roughness of pores, which are crucial for realistic facial expressions.

Immerse in a world of light and shadow, depicting the symphony of emotions through the interweaving of colors.

Portrait Oil Painting: Light, Color, and Emotional Expression.

Focus on "capturing the influence of light and shadow on facial features, color usage, and capturing emotions and souls through portraits." Step by step, guide you from zero to complete emotionally charged portrait oil paintings. 

▸ Capturing expressions and emotions.

▸ Portrait oil painting techniques.

▸ Style and creative development.

The Impressionist Palette in Oil Painting Color Mixing.

"The magic of color blooms on the canvas: converse with the impressionist palette to make your oil paintings vividly speak."

In this course, we'll lead you into the world of color, explaining color theory basics in a simple and clear manner. You'll learn how to select, match colors, create harmony and contrast effects, and use these techniques to breathe life into your works. 

From understanding the color wheel to mixing your own colors, whether you're a beginner or an artist looking to solidify knowledge, this course will elevate your oil painting skills. Let's splash colors together and unleash your creativity!

The Art of Color Mixing: The Great Analysis of Skin Tones. 

Basic color theory, observation and analysis, mixing techniques, creative application, practical case studies. With this course, you'll be able to improve your skin tone mixing skills." 

In the art of oil painting color mixing, representing skin tones is a delicate and complex skill that involves the comprehensive application of color theory, observation, and creativity. This course aims to delve into the techniques of skin tone mixing, starting from basic color theory, gradually guiding students to master the diversity and subtle differences of human skin tones. We'll learn how to use a limited color palette to create a range of rich and realistic skin tones, from light to dark, from healthy to unhealthy skin tones.

Painting Light, Shadow, and Color Layers.

"Oil painting color mixing is an art that requires both creativity and precise skills. It not only demands painters to have a profound understanding of color but also to master how to achieve desired tones by mixing different pigments." 

Try limiting the color palette, using a small amount of basic colors to mix more colors, which can help understand the relationship between colors and improve color mixing skills. Control the proportion of pigments, adjust the brightness of colors using black and white, basic oil painting color theory.

Download 20 oil painting sketches and a detailed 100-page lecture notes for practice.

Basic sketching tutorial:

“Sketching is a vital step in the entire painting process, laying the groundwork for the final artwork.” 

This stage is crucial for establishing composition, proportions, lighting, and basic color tones.  In this tutorial, you'll learn how to effectively construct the image, set reasonable proportions and composition, laying a solid foundation for detailed oil painting creation.

Oil painting technique guide. 

Embark on a journey of exploring oil painting techniques, crucial for becoming an outstanding artist. From color mixing to brush control, from capturing light and shadow to creating textures, this guide will lead you into a fascinating world of creation, maximizing your imagination and technical abilities.

Oil painting tools - Simplifying the complex process:  

Understanding the use of materials is essential in oil painting as it can alter pigment characteristics and effects, enhancing artwork texture and depth. This guide will help you comprehend various media, from linseed oil to Venetian turpentine, making your artworks more vivid and interesting.

Realizing realistic skin tones. 

This course, suitable for all skill levels, enhances your skin color mixing skills, making your portraits more vivid and lifelike. 

Learn to carefully observe human skin tones under different lighting conditions, analyze their basic color components, and practice mixing techniques using basic and complementary colors.

What skills can I learn from this oil painting exercise?


hereComposition and Proportion

 A good composition is the cornerstone of a successful artwork. Learn to apply principles like the golden ratio and rule of thirds, while also paying attention to the proportions and placement of objects to ensure balance and harmony in the overall composition.


Contrast between Near and Far

Understand the principles of contrast between foreground and background. Use light colors and low saturation to depict distant objects, while employing saturated and darker colors for nearer objects to enhance the sense of depth in the composition.


Developing Your Own Style

Through practice and exploration, develop your own unique style. Experiment with different themes, colors, and brushstrokes to gradually discover your preferred artistic style.


Mixing and Transition of Tones

Mastering color mixing is a fundamental skill in oil painting. Understand the basic color wheel, learn how to adjust hue, saturation, and brightness, and create smooth transitions of tones on the canvas.


Depth and Perspective

By placing objects at different layers and utilizing the principles of perspective, you can create depth and three-dimensionality in your artwork. Learn how to use light and shadow, as well as color, to convey distance and the position of objects.


Brushwork and Texture

Master the use of different brushstrokes, including flat brushes, round brushes, palette knives, etc., and how to utilize these strokes to depict various textures such as hair, fabric, skin, etc.

Mastering the soul of oil painting: From composition, proportions, and color application to brushwork and textures, this course will guide you in establishing a unique style, awakening life on the canvas.

Join our oil painting exercise and embark on a journey of color and technique exploration. From precise composition to subtle proportion adjustments, from mastering foreground-background contrast to cultivating your artistic style, each stroke will bring you closer to mastery. 

Ultimately, through unique brushwork and texture techniques, your artwork will exude breathtaking vitality, elevating your oil painting to new heights.

Headline Goes HereImpressionism and oil painting creation: Analyzing and applying color mixing.

Explore the magic of color in Impressionism, inspiring both visual and emotional senses.

Mastering hidden colors to enhance vividness.

Utilize special or harmonious colors discreetly placed among subjects to enrich color variations and add diversity to details, deceiving the eye into perceiving uniformity while harboring rich colors.

Elevating the Self Through Painting Courses.

Fashion illustration, a continuation of style and technique.

Gary Tu is renowned for fashion watercolors, but the techniques of watercolor and oil painting differ greatly. While watercolors are light and emphasize the characteristics of water, they can skillfully convey the translucency of skin and the freedom of clothing. 

Regardless of your preferred style, this course allows you to elevate yourself through exploration.


Enhancing Self-Expression

Through oil painting, you can discover a unique way of expressing yourself, transforming your viewpoints and emotions into visual images. This helps to enhance self-awareness and expression capabilities.


Cultivating Patience

Oil painting typically involves multiple layers of processes, including sketching, underpainting, and final layering. This requires patience and perseverance, fostering the artist's attention to detail and technique.


Strengthening Observation Skills

Painting requires observing and understanding details such as shapes, colors, and textures of objects. Cultivating this observational skill helps to increase sensitivity to the surrounding environment.


Fostering Creativity

Oil painting encourages artists to challenge traditions, experimenting with new techniques and styles. This helps to cultivate creativity and problem-solving abilities while expanding the artist's perspective.


Creative Expression

Oil painting is a rich visual art form, allowing artists to express creativity and ideas through color, shape, and texture. Through the canvas, you can translate inner feelings into visual images.


Stress Relief

The process of oil painting can serve as a relaxing activity, immersing oneself in the creation of colors and shapes. This helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting mental well-being.


Classical and Modern Fusion: The Fundamentals of Learning Oil Painting.

The course starts from the historical and cultural significance of oil painting, allowing students to grasp its position and evolution in art history. Through studying and analyzing classical masterpieces, students learn how to observe and understand elements such as color, light and shadow, and composition, and apply these elements to their own creations. 

This course emphasizes practicality and innovation, encouraging students to incorporate personal styles and contemporary elements into their works while mastering basic skills, creating oil paintings with a sense of time. Whether you are a beginner with a strong interest in oil painting or an advanced artist looking to deepen your skills, this course will be a rich and inspirational learning journey.

Nurtured by a classical temperament, fashion and art intertwine to create timeless beauty. 

Guiding you into the world of oil painting, starting from the grand classical period, passing through the transformative modern art, all the way to contemporary innovation. We will explore how oil painting, as a form of expression, has evolved over centuries and played a key role in various art movements.

▸ The transition from Romanticism to Impressionism. 

▸ How Impressionism revolutionized visual expression and color application.

Experience timeless new realms of color in the annals of art history.

In the boundless sea of art, color unveils immortal scenes for us. Together, we will appreciate the application of color in different art movements and explore how through oil painting, this ancient yet powerful medium, we can open up new ways of perceiving the world.

Join this course to not only learn the technical aspects of color but also to understand color as the indispensable soul of artistic expression. From past to present, color has always been an important tool for artists to express emotions, ideas, and philosophies. Let us together experience the timeless new realms of color in art history, broaden our horizons, inspire creativity, and create a unique artistic language.

▸ Techniques and symbolic meanings of color usage in masterpieces. 

▸ How Impressionism captures changes in light and shadow through color. 

▸ Analyzing and summarizing discoveries and growth during the learning process.

The beauty of womanhood, carrying the grace and fantasy of fashion.


The portrayal of women can express a wide range of emotions and states, from gentle to intense to mysterious, exploring diverse emotions and expressions through the female image. 

Choosing women as the theme is because the beauty of womanhood not only carries the grace and fantasy of fashion but also hides rich cultural, historical, and personal stories. The portrayal of women has always been at the core of exploration and expression in art history. Their images are diverse and complex, from classical to modern, from reality to fantasy. Through the hands of artists from different eras, the portrayal of women showcases different aesthetic perspectives and societal values.



Artists choosing women as the theme is not only a praise for the beauty of womanhood but also a profound exploration of humanity, culture, and society. Artworks with women as the theme are not only beautiful but also full of thoughts and soul, making them an eternal and evolving theme in artistic creation.


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  • 33 Sessions of Oil Painting: In-depth Explanations from Fundamental Techniques to Advanced Creative Practices, Exploring the Rich Possibilities and Expressiveness of Oil Painting.

    "Foundational Skills," "Emotional Expression," "Color Application," "Magic of Light and Shadow," "Personalized Guidance."

    Gain insight into the historical background and theoretical foundation of oil painting, and cultivate personal artistic language and creative style through practical exercises.

    Previously offered courses include "Sketching Etudes" and "Advanced Color Theory," complemented by "Oil Painting Etudes" for enhanced learning outcomes. Through various levels of skills and knowledge, every student can develop their artistic path according to their own proficiency and interests.
  • Course Summary & Learning Objectives:

    • Basic Color Block Construction
    • Deepening Shadows and Light
    • Depiction of Female Features and Body Expression
    • Fundamental Techniques and Essence of Color
    • Art of Depicting Facial Features in Oil Painting
    • Detail and Texture of Complete Works
    • Unveiling Subject Positioning and Canvas Layout Techniques
    • Selection of Background Colors and the First Steps in Learning

    Things/Advice to Tell Students:

    This course aims to provide beginners with a comprehensive introductory guide, from basic materials understanding to color mixing and application. It aims to accurately express light and shadow effects, presenting the natural temperament and emotions of characters. Further study will delve into the principles and techniques of color application in the Post-Impressionist style. By utilizing light, shadow, and the warmth and coolness of colors, the course enhances the layers and depth of the artwork.

  • This course aims to provide a comprehensive introductory guide for beginners interested in the aesthetics of oil painting, its historical background, female portraiture, light manipulation, color theory, and improving painting skills. Welcome to join the "Oil Painting Etudes" online course. It's not just about cultivating aesthetics. All ages and individuals are welcome.
  • EP: 1~33
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  • List of Tools for Participants to Prepare:

    • Sturdy, stain-resistant work apron
    • Cloth rag
    • One 2B pencil
    • Set of 24 specialized oil paints
    • Oil painting brushes
    • Canvas boards
    • Mixing palette
    • Linseed oil
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