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Mentors Won't Leave Young People's Dreams Alone.
He Is A Lighthouse Shining Brightly in the Darkness.

Mr .OHGUSHI , born in Saga, Arita-cho, the most famous production area of Arita-yaki (Imari ware), which is the representative ceramic art of Japan in Osaka, Kyushu.
Influenced by landscape painting, flower and bird motifs, and exposed to ink painting materials, it opened up my perspective on ink painting.
In 2004, I moved to France and Italy, and during the period in Europe, I experienced the fusion of Western culture with traditional Japanese techniques.
Therefore, I am more interested in combining traditional Japanese ink painting with the beauty of fashionable women in the form of "Bijinga" paintings.。

Bijinga" in Japanese is a style of ink painting that uses ancient Japanese calligraphy tools to create bold and delicate artworks, depicting the beauty of modern and Western women.
In this class, I learned about the rendering of flowers and the distinctive feature of red lips, which are special techniques that have attracted attention from major luxury brands.
With the flow of watercolors, it primarily forms the "particle of flowers," representing the beauty of flowers and nature.
Additionally, the well-known fashionable beauty paintings showcase the charm of urban women in the ink colors.



Mr .OHGUSHI excels in using ink shades, layered blending, and red lips to interpret the fashionable charm and elegance of urban women.
He has been involved in numerous landmark advertisements for global brands worldwide.
For example, SUNTORY WORLD WHISKY "ROKU GIN," "SMOKY PLEASURE," LANVIN COLLECTION, EMILIO PUCCI, SEIKO LUKIA, beauty brands such as CLINIQUE, LANCOME, Za, SHISEIDO, Kanebo, shu uemura, STARBUCKS, Mercian, McCafe, adidas, Mori Building, Mitsubishi Estate, Asahi Shimbun, and more.
He has exhibited his diverse and captivating fashion works for an extended period of time at prestigious locations such as the Centre Pompidou National Art and Culture Center in Paris, New York, and Hong Kong.
He is also a master visual designer for major department stores including Isetan, Takashimaya, Hankyu, and Seibu in Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya, and other locations.
He actively participates in international art publications and exhibitions. He received the New York ADC Excellence Award in 2005.
During the pandemic, from June 26 to July 22, 2022, a special exhibition of Japanese folding screen paintings called "Fusuma Cloud and Dragon" was held at Myoken-ji Temple on Mount Mogami in Okayama City.
He aimed to bring a comforting force to the world during these turbulent times.



その絵の具の粒子一つ一つがのりて命を持ったよう に流動し 
Each Particle of The Paint Got On and Flowed As If It Had Life.

Dropping pigments onto water-soaked watercolor paper, I utilize the natural forces of gravity and attraction, allowing each particle of pigment to flow as if it has a life of its own, forming shapes through this technique.
It goes beyond creating abstract paintings; my goal is to draw something between the concrete and the abstract, transforming it into a beautiful flower.

In my career, I began to yearn for a deeper exploration of the ink blur I encountered in my beauty paintings. As a result, a second technique called "particles" was born.




The Particles of Flowers

One of the most classic artistic techniques that teachers often teach is color mixing and blending, which allows you to create your own artwork by mastering the art of color coordination and achieving smooth transitions.

Classic Red Lips

Mr. Ogushi, when painting a portrait, presents it in black and white, with only the lips being colored, which adds a striking element to the entire artwork.
This unit will help you understand how the teacher accomplishes this with a single brushstroke!

Portrait of A Beautiful Woman

The most classic and widely beloved technique! In the end, the teacher will teach everyone how to transform the skills you have learned into a beautiful portrait.

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Frequently asked questions

About OHGUSHI Online Class

  • OHGUSHI  Japanese ink painting artist / Watercolorist

    Originally from the town of Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan, a place famous for Arita (Imari) porcelain, OHGUSHI grew up surrounded by landscapes, flowers and fauna, and natural beauty portrayed on Arita plates. He strives to create expressions that fuse highly sophisticated traditional Japanese painting techniques with Western culture that he experienced in France and Italy in his youth.

    His works have been featured in many advertisements for various global brands around the world. Currently his artwork is mainly born out of the two techniques that he developed: “Bijinga (美人画)” that captures the beauty of modern and Western women in bold yet sensitive brush and ink style drawings using Japanese traditional calligraphic tools, and “Particles (粒子)” that mainly create flowers and natural beauty out of flowing watercolor.

    OHGUSHI has been actively participating in overseas exhibitions and contributing to art publications. He spent part of his training time in France in 2004 and was awarded a Merit at NY ADC in 2005. He currently resides in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.


    • NEW YORK ADC 84TH Merit Award 2005

    Client lists

    SEIKO, adidas, EMILIO PUCCI, LANCOME, CLINIQUE, LANVIN COLLECTION, MAUBOUSSIN, STARBUCKS, SUNTORY, Mercian, McCafe'(McDonald's Japan), SHISEIDO, Za, Kanebo, ANTEPRIMA, shu uemura, ISETAN, Takashimaya, Hankyu, NEW TOWN PLAZA/Hong Kong, Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd., HARBIS PLAZA ENT, LG, SHARP, SANRIO, etc.


    • Taiwan / dpi magazine, Japanese Healing Artworks, Illustration Stylish Feminine, Fashion Wonderland, egg magazine
    • China / HARPERS` BAZAAR CHINA, Fashion Illustration: Gown & Dress Inspiration II, One magazine
    • HongKong / Flash on, 6Magazine, The Age of Feminine Drowing, SISTER
    • France / TWILL
    • Canada / Bliss Express
    • Nederland / I love fake magazine


    • 2020・ FASHION×ILLUSTRATION / National Taiwan Arts Education Cente / Taiwan
      ・Solo Exhibition / Toner gallery_TAIWAN
    • 2019・"Suntory ROKU GIN X OHGUSHI" Live painting show / Hamburg and London
    • 2018・"PARCO of Kyoto Exhibition / Ikebukuro PARCO parco museum _ Tokyo,Japan
    • 2017・"Solo Exhibition"OHGUSHI_ICON" / Kyu_HigashiminoMiya_Vila_Hayama,Japan
      ・""JAPAN DESIGN WEEK" in Milano Triennale / Milano,Italy
    • 2016・"Solo Exhibition “SAKURA in Marunouchi” / Marunouchi Billding_Tokyo, Japan
    • 2015・"Live Painting Show & Solo Exhibition, Present by ALBION / Hankyu Department store_Osaka, Japan ・"TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2015 / Via Tortona_Milan, Italy
    • 2014・"TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2014 / TDW_Tokyo, Japan
      ・"Solo Exhibition OHGUSHI「Daylight」/ +81Gallery_New York, USA
    • 2012・"Tokyo Graphic Passport 2012 / Trance art Tokyo,Japan
    • 2011・"Tokyo Graphic Passport 2011 / Pompidou Centre_Paris, France
      ・"Tokyo Graphic Passport 2011 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda_Tokyo, Japan
      ・"OHGUSHI 「Bijinga」 / +81 Gallery_Tokyo, Japan
    • 2010・"Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda_Tokyo, Japan
      ・"OHGUSHI 「Particles」 / +81 Gallery_Tokyo, Japan
      ・"Line of Style: Fashion Illustration Spanning the Globe / Gallery Nucleus_L,A, USA
    • 2007・Solo EXHIBITION /ANTEPRIMA AOYAMA_Tokyo,Japan
    • 2006・"BLISS EXPRESS:Illusutrating Happiness / ConpoundGallery_Washington, USA
      ・"+81 10th Anniversary Exhibition「Biishiki」/ Esso Gallery_New York, USA
      ・""Hide and Seek" with Hello Kitty Exhibition / The Arts Hous_Singapore
      ・"the apartment loves Artillery / The Apt_New York, USA
    • 2005・"HELLO KITTY30th"Hide and Seek" / Hong kong art center_Hongkong
  • OHGUSHI teacher has always used traditional Japanese pen and ink painting tools,
    Create portraits belonging to his ink painting style "Bijinga/beautiful", another kind of woman is "particles/particles".
    Create unique watercolor paintings and special acrylic constant techniques, while feeling the touch of the master's brush and using it.
    Students can learn the most classic painting style of Laozhi, from the explanation of Bijinjia calligraphy tools and techniques, and the blurred level of ink painting techniques is also fascinating.
    The teacher will fully introduce the method of pursuing the illusory level of ink and wash, and the techniques of ink and wash brushwork to the students, and at the same time share the teacher's practical experience of painting.

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General Questions

  • After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, in 2022, with a slight relaxation of foreign border restrictions, we have once again collaborated with OHGUSHI.

    Since the physical class capacity is limited, we wanted to give back to more students. We took advantage of OHGUSHI's presence in Taiwan and filmed an online course to provide more students with this rare opportunity.

    Garytu Online Class invites OHGUSHI to join the lineup of online courses. The purpose is not only to offer content related to the art of painting but also to witness the spirit of an international ink master together.

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