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AMY 時尚油畫


Creation is a journey of exploring oneself and the world.

Contemporary Fashion Oil Painting - AMY SIAO

Specializing in oil painting, the artist focuses on portraying human figures as the main subjects in their artwork. They often use their own body as a contextual foundation, positioning themselves as an experimental subject to explore aspects such as self-identity, female imagery, societal perceptions, and feelings of belonging or non-belonging. In the past, their style leaned towards pure realism with elements of surrealism, incorporating subtle and provocative themes to reflect the discussed topics, aiming to capture the present moment through visual storytelling. By transforming fantasies into reality, they strive to break free from personal limitations and shift the focus onto self-conscious projections.

The artist is well-known in various art exhibitions, having participated in 8 solo exhibitions and 41 group exhibitions, totaling 49 impressive showcases over the past 10 years. Some of the exhibitions they have taken part in include the Taipei International Art Expo, Hsinchu Art Expo, Formosa Art Expo, ART FUTURE, and Cross-Strait Youth Art Creation Exhibition - Spiritual Channel, among others.

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Are you hesitant to learn oil painting due to the high cost of materials?
Do you feel lost when trying to paint on your own without professional guidance? Are you always struggling to find time?

In this 12-lesson, 8-hour online course, You may watch the videos in anytime, with any devices, such as mobile, tablet and PC.



Finding Your Uniqueness Through Oil Painting

Combining experience in the fashion modeling field with expertise in oil painting, I establish myself as both the subject of experimentation and narration, Exploring various aspects of self-identity, gender imagery, social perceptions, and more.





In this course, Amy will teach you how to create realistic portraits.
It is divided into 12 lessons with clear logic and steps, allowing you to acquire the skills of "Fashion Realistic Portrait Oil Painting" within these 12 lessons.



Starting from picking up a brush, you can find solace and relieve the tiredness of your mind

In the twelve lessons, you will not only learn about portrait painting but also various fashion-related techniques such as rendering textures like fur, skin, metals, and more.

The skills of depicting different textures can also be applied flexibly to other painting techniques beyond fashion illustrations.




Vibrant and contrasting colors speak of different emotions.

In recent years, I have focused on realistic painting techniques with the supplementary use of negative film effects.
I incorporate interesting objects or current trends to reflect both self-awareness and the social context of the present.

I will teach you how to use vivid colors, such as negative film effects and contrasting color combinations, to create dynamic compositions.
You will learn to apply any color effectively, resulting in a diverse and lively visual style that sets you apart from traditional oil painting techniques.



What Can You Learn From The Course?


Oil painting is actually a very beginner-friendly choice, especially for those with no prior experience.
It offers a wide range of colors and strong expressive capabilities.
With the technique of layering colors, you can easily control and manipulate the colors even without any previous painting background.

Realistic Portraiture

Why is it that when you paint in a methodical manner, there's still something off about the figures you create?
I'll guide you to understand the variations in light and shadow, and help you identify blind spots in achieving realism, making your subjects appear more lifelike.

Color Combination 

Having trouble with the right proportions of squeezing paint?
Can't find the regularity in colors?
Understanding color knowledge, how to create harmonious color combinations, and mastering the fundamentals of color theory will not only make your color mixing more accurate but also applicable in various fields!

Expression of Fashion, Skin Texture, and Various Materials

In the course, you will witness the teacher's impressive flat painting techniques, layering to create the skin texture and emphasize the key facial features.
Once you master the foundation, you can further learn how to depict various materials such as metals, velvet, and more.

How to Draw Fashion Accessories

Many people focus on drawing well-dressed models in portrait art but struggle with depicting fashion accessories such as perfumes, handbags, and more. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn various techniques for drawing different fashion accessories.

We Have Prepared for You                   

We have prepared a beginner's oil painting materials kit for all students who purchase this course.

This kit will provide you with everything you need to start learning and painting with ease.
Additionally, throughout the course, you will have a more in-depth understanding of the various oil painting tools and their uses.





-Students' artwork-


Proportions &Curves

After taking the course, classmates are able to grasp human proportions and capture the nuances of body curves within a short period of time. Initially, many thought that oil painting was something only master artists in museums could do. However, after Amy's analysis and explanations, they discovered that the logic behind oil painting is not as difficult as they had imagined.


Simple and Realistic

After taking the teacher's course, even as a beginner, you can quickly get started and create realistic portraits! Not only can you draw many of your favorite celebrities, but the resemblance is also remarkable. Surprisingly, I realized that I can create such realistic portrait paintings too!



There is more

In addition to learning the fundamentals of portraiture, the biggest difference is that you can learn about "objects," "overall composition," and "depicting the entire context."
After mastering the techniques, it is also common to use personal photos as practice subjects and create one's own paintings, which brings a lot of joy!    





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Frequently asked questions

About AMY Online Class

  • Solo Exhibition

    • 2019 "The State of Magnesium" Xiao Yimei's Solo Exhibition / King Car Art Center Nanjing Pavilion / Taipei
    • 2018 "Rose Girl Power" Campaign Exhibition / Banqiao 435 Arts and Culture Zone / Taipei
    • 2017 "Two-dimensional imitation of animals" Xiao Yimei's solo exhibition / Banqiao 435 Arts and Culture Zone / Taipei
    • 2017 "Xiao Yimei Creation Exhibition" / Kuanartspace X Xingli Boquan / Taipei
    • 2016 "False Openness" Xiao Yimei Solo Exhibition / Linguang Xianju / Taipei
    • 2016 "Body Revolution" Xiao Yimei Solo Exhibition / Yasuo Gallery / Taipei
    • 2015 "Single Illusion" Xiao Yimei's solo exhibition / air-raid shelter gallery / Taipei
    • 2013 "Fantasy" Xiao Yimei Solo Exhibition / 103 Exhibition Space / Taichung

    Joint ExhibitionJoint Exhibition


    • 2022 "Hsinchu Art Fair" / Guoxi Art / Hsinchu
    • 2021 "ART FUTURE Art Future" / Guoxi Art / Taipei
    • 2020 "United People: Your relationship is my politics" / Banqiao 435 Arts and Cultural District / Taipei
    • 2020 "Cross-Strait Youth Art Creation Exhibition-Spiritual Channel" / Daxin Art Museum / Guangzhou / China
    • 2020 "Micro Vision" / 99 Degree Art Center / Taipei
    • 2020 "Taipei International Art Fair" / World Trade Center Hall 1 / Taipei
    • 2020 "Passionate Men and Women" / Wanru Gallery / Taipei
    • 2020 "Formosa Art Fair", Eslite Travel, Taipei
    • 2020 "Women's Art Magazine" / Wanru Gallery / Taipei
    • 2020 "April Selected Exhibition" / Guoxi Art / Taichung
    • 2020 "Lanyang Art Tour" / Yuanshan Hall of King Car Art Center / Yilan
    • 2019 "Artists Exploding in Spring!" / Banqiao 435 Arts and Culture Zone / Taipei
    • 2019 "Tainan Art Fair" / Tainan Landis Hotel / Tainan
    • 2019 "Spring Contemporary Art Salon" / Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 / Taipei
    • 2019 "Love Tiger Oil" / Warehouse C5, Dayong District, Pier-2 Art Center / Kaohsiung
    • 2019 "Between Living Things" / Wanru Gallery / Taipei
    • 2019 "Formosa Art Fair" / Eslite Travel / Taipei
    • 2019 "Increase Dimensional Consciousness" / Wangdao Bank Education Foundation / Taipei
    • 2019 "Yang Yi Expo Kaohsiung" / Warehouse P2, Dayong District, Pier-2 Art Zone / Kaohsiung
    • 2019 "Art Freedom Day-Mythology of Love" / Warehouse No. 2 and No. 3, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park / Taipei
    • 2019 "Blooming Flowers-Flower Art Art Creation Exhibition" / Yitong Park / Taipei
    • 2019 "Gradation|15 Faces of Contemporary Art" / Jian Shan Qian Yang / Kaohsiung
    • 2019 "Increase Dimensional Consciousness" / Wangdao Bank Education Foundation / Taipei
    • 2019 "ART FORMOSA Formosa Art Fair" / Eslite Travel / Taipei
    • 2019 "Between Living Things" / Wanru Gallery / Taipei
    • 2019 "Spring Contemporary Art Salon" Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 / Taipei
    • 2019 "ART TAINAN Tainan Art Fair" / Taiyi Landis Hotel / Tainan
    • 2019 "Love Tiger Oil" / Warehouse C5, Dayong District, Pier-2 Art Center / Kaohsiung
    • 2019 "Artists Exploding in Spring!" / Banqiao 435 Arts and Culture Zone / Taipei
    • 2018 "ART KAOHSIUNG Kaohsiung Art Fair" / City Business Hotel True Love Pavilion / Kaohsiung
    • 2018 "Anime Art Show - Highlight Art Expo, Chiayi Highlight Hotel" / Chiayi
    • 2018 "Artificial Space 334│Banqiao 435 Artists in Residence Exhibition" / Banqiao 435 Arts and Culture Zone / Taipei
    • 2017 "ART TAIPEI 2017 Taipei International Art Fair" / Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 / Taipei
    • 2017 "Zen/Slough" Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists/94 Art/Taipei
    • 2017 "Taiwan Contemporary Annual Exhibition" / Huabo Park Zhengyan Pavilion / Taipei
    • 2017 "Night Window - Light Up the Studio. Art Light Project" / Banqiao 435 Arts and Cultural District / Taipei
    • 2016 "Selfish Play" / Pick Up Light Gallery / Changhua
    • 2016 "Formosa Art Show Formosa International Art Fair" / Humble House Ellie Hotel / Taipei
    • 2016 "Taiwan Contemporary Annual Exhibition"/Floral Expo Park/Taipei
    • 2015 "A Lonely Man's Fantasy‧Joint Exhibition of Nine Art Creations" / Yilan Cultural Bureau / Yilan
    • 2013 "Colorful Canal‧Five Schools Art Exchange Exhibition"/King Car Art Center/Taipei

    Award Reward Record


    • 2020 Cross-Strait Youth Art Creation Exhibition - Selected
    • 2019 New Look Award - Shortlisted
    • 2018 Dadun Art Exhibition - Selected
    • 2017 Yilan Award - Shortlisted
    • 2017 Uncut Jade Glow - 106 Years of Art Marketing Activities - Selected
    • 2017 Taiwan National Academy of Arts 2017 Taiwan Beauty Oil Painting Competition - Selected
    • 2017 106th National Art Exhibition - Oil Painting - Selected
    • 2016 Yilan Award - Excellent
    • 2016 Unclay Jade Glow - 105 Years of Art Marketing Activities - Selected
    • 2015 104th National Art Exhibition - Oil Painting - Selected
    • 2015 The 14th National Oil Painting Competition of No. 100 - Selected
    • 2015 The 19th Taocheng Art Exhibition - Selected
    • 2013 The 12th National Hundred Oil Painting Competition - Selected



    • 2022 【Pick up and cover up】The 15th Soka Good Young Artists Group Exhibition , Soka Art·Tainan, Tainan City, Taiwan
    • 2022【2022 ART HSINCHU Hsinchu Art Fair】
    • GSA Gallery|Room 1908|Hsinchu Ambassador Hotel , Hsinchu Art, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
    • 2021【Echo】Taiwan Contemporary Artists Creation Exhibition , Ask Space, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    • 2021【"Standing──Brilliant Fire"】Xiao Yimei Solo Exhibition , Baoyu Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    • 2021【The epidemic, and I live like this】"New Normal Epidemic New Daily"- 435 Artists in Residence Group Exhibition ,
    • Banqiao 435 Art and Cultural District,New Taipei City, Taiwan
    • 2021【2021 ART FUTURE】GSA Gallery|Booth Room 1048 , GSA Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
    • 2020【Women's Art Magazine】 Lin Meihui, Qiu Yuwen, Chen Youtong,Yang Lin, Xiao Yimei,
    • Xie Wanru Joint Exhibition ,Wanru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
    • 2020【Lanyang Art Tour from May to August Zeng Lijuan, Yang Chenhua, Xiao Yimei】,
    • Jinche Cultural and Educational Foundation,Yilan County, Taiwan
    • 2020【April Selected Exhibition】 , Guoxi Art, Taichung City, Taiwan
    • 2019【Xiao Yimei-Oil Painting Creation Exhibition 【The State of Magnesium】,
    • Jinche Cultural and Educational Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
    • 2019【Blooming Flowers-Flower art Creation Exhibition】 , Yitong Park, Taipei City, Taiwan
    • 2019【Increasing Dimension Consciousness】 Lv Jianuo, Chen Yukai, Xiao Yimei Joint Exhibition ,
    • Wangdao Bank Education Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
  • AMY specializes in oil painting, with a focus on subjects such as portraits, close-ups, and high luminosity. Her work is characterized by a personal touch and high level of detail. She often takes female imagery and societal perceptions as starting points.

    In the past, her style leaned towards realism and surrealism. In recent years, she has primarily focused on realism with a playful technique that incorporates negative film effects to explore the conflicts within the human body. She also incorporates subtle and provocative themes to reflect social issues. Her work weaves together fantasy and reality, breaking personal boundaries and documenting the "digestion of self-awareness" in the present moment, transforming it into a "focused self-awareness" projection. She aims to let her paintings speak and capture the essence of the current time on the timeline.

  • Anyone interested in the aesthetics of oil painting and improving their artistic skills is welcome to join the "AMY" online course.
    It aims to cultivate artistic sensitivity and is open to all ages and skill levels.
  • Student self-provided tool list:
    A dirt-resistant work apron, a rag, and an automatic pen (for tracing).
    Oil paint, charcoal pen on linen-like canvas No. 8, primer Gesso, sandpaper.
    Oil painting flat-tip pens: 3 pieces in total in 1 group (one each for elastic adjustment No. 2, No. 5, and No. 9)
    Fine brushes for oil painting: 2 pens in total for 1 group (1 pen each for elastic adjustment No. 2 and No. 3)
  • EP: 1~12
    No limit to the number of times
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