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Fashion Illustration with LONDON Flair - CONNIE LIM

Art Beyond Boundaries: Where Fashion Meets Creativity.

Connie Lim is a professional illustrator and designer hailing from Los Angeles, California. She is an alumna of two prestigious institutions: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and Central Saint Martins in London. As a fashion-focused artist, she infuses her passion into her illustrations, creating captivating and distinctive visuals. Her works predominantly embody a traditional hand-drawn style, often influenced by darkly beautiful themes. Currently based in London, she serves as a professor at the University for the Creative Arts Rochester, as well as a lecturer at Central Saint Martins and a visiting lecturer at various other universities.

She holds a PGCERT certificate and is a member of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Her clientele includes renowned names such as Guerlain, Bulgari, Louboutin, Bielo, and Revlon. Her works have been exhibited at the Oxo Gallery in London, and she has participated in installation art light shows in Amsterdam, MetroBooks in New York, and events at the fashion illustration galleries AF and ShowStudio. Her pieces have been featured in several books, including Martin Dawber's "Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique," Gestalten's "Beautiful," and the latest publication from Taschen, "The Top 100 Illustrators Worldwide."

Pre-order Exclusive: 12 Colored Pencils, 7 Custom Fashion Cards, 2 Commemorative Postcards - Creatively Packed Registration Freebies!

In over a decade of university teaching, Connie Lim has designed five module courses. These modules have been tested and experimented with by hundreds of fashion design and fashion illustration students. It follows a logical order for learning art and design effectively, so you just need to follow along and let the course guide you, even if you're a beginner! Connie Lim wants to say to the students: "I myself have been both an illustration student and a fashion design student. I deeply understand the difficulties of both paths. It's not easy, self-doubt, setbacks, and fear can be obstacles. But believe in this process, and allow yourself to learn. You will progress!" In addition to the limited edition postcards, Connie Lim has specially created MODEL POSE CARDS for this course, and a complete set of drawing toolkits is prepared for the students. 

Details of the Registration Freebies: Commemorative Postcards x2, 7 Fashion Post Cards x7 (special material), Box of 12 Oil-based Colored Pencils, 1 Extended Pen Holder, 1 Random Copic Professional Marker. 

The focal points of learning in London's art illustration.


London's art exudes the timeless spirit of classical theater, with a continuous array of vibrant graffiti hues, infusing the entire area with vitality and prosperity. Art is more about integration with life, deeply immersing oneself in understanding a subject, thereby shifting one's way of thinking to form a circle where everything is interconnected and interdependent. Training focuses on how to emphasize themes, enhance the emotional impact of art, grasp the significance of illustration in aesthetic communication, and, through the chosen medium, conceive and vividly express these ideas, showcasing the allure of the chosen materials.



It stands on its own, belonging to no particular art form.


Art is the wellspring of inspiration for fashion design, and fashion itself is the tangible presentation of art. Teacher Connie Lim has gathered experiences from her own life, spanning from fashion design to fashion illustration, venturing into the fusion of high fashion design and art.

 "Let go of preconceptions, approach everything with a mindset of exploration, seeking out uniqueness in each."

The charm of Connie Lim's illustration lies in its allowance for free and unrestricted use of various formative materials, expressive techniques, and forms. It permits interpretations that are exaggerated, humorous, playful, or poetically emotional, allowing for communication with the viewer through vivid, clear, and distinct visual language—a means of soulful exchange.


Following the brush strokes, rising to international acclaim.


Teacher Connie Lim will also share her years of experience in fashion illustration in London and her teaching experience in the education field in this course. She will guide students on how to prepare a compelling portfolio for university applications, showcasing their own creative philosophy and aesthetics.

Simultaneously, we will have professional European curators and study abroad consultants at the end of the course, sharing insights into the curatorial industry and study abroad information with the students. This allows the students to obtain first-hand information and elevate themselves from Taiwan to the international stage.

Finally, Garytu Online Class also provides exhibition opportunities in the UK. Any student who purchases this course will have the chance to have their artwork reviewed internally and potentially showcased overseas.


Exploring the diverse artistry of colored pencils and mixed media.


With the same medium and technique, each person's unique style emerges through their strokes. In the process of learning to paint, creators unconsciously project their life experiences and emotional expressions, which are reflected in their artwork.

"From singularity to diversity, art knows no bounds."

The integration and application of diverse media in art creation and fashion design provide a more focused and thought-provoking expression of visual art. The integration of composite materials allows artists to intuitively convey their personal perceptions of things. Through techniques such as painting, collage, reproduction, layering, and symbolism, they can authentically represent the creator's true expression of the world.



Connie Lim attended the 'Art Center College of Design' in Los Angeles and graduated from the 'Central Saint Martins in London'.

Painting became my outlet, leading me to study illustration in Los Angeles and pursue a fashion degree in London. After completing my fashion degree at Central Saint Martins in London, I fell in love with the art of illustration, which seamlessly combines my interests in fashion and art. Now based in London, I teach fashion illustration while continuing my journey in the world of art.




Capture the demeanor, grasp the intricate spirit within the characters.

Deconstructing the most challenging body movements and expressions within a character.


The most challenging aspect of character illustration is always capturing the vitality of real-life movements through curves and embodying it on the canvas. This is especially crucial when illustrating models, where precise depiction of body movements is essential to create the perfect atmosphere complementing the attire.
By deconstructing various motions, analyzing different runway displays, and breaking down the proportions of the human body, even beginners who have never dabbled in drawing before can easily get started in this course.


Transcending reality, achieving the pinnacle of expressiveness.

Observing and painting are like personal journals of your life.


As an artist, it is crucial to extract inspiration about art from life and push oneself to attempt different styles. Keeping a visual journal is the best way to maintain a sharpness in observing reality and honing one's drawing skills. Simultaneously, these illustrations can serve as personal creative material, suitable for various purposes such as university portfolios or personal exhibitions.


Art possesses a unique charm in relieving emotions.

Art brings to life abstract representations that would be impossible in reality.

From abstract to realistic, from classical to modern, there exist various schools of artistic styles. Art, in its diverse forms, finds balance through technique, imagination, and personal experience. It creates modes of expression in objects, environments, images, movements, or sounds imbued with aesthetics, with the aim of conveying deep emotions and showcasing personal consciousness to the viewer. Creators must continuously ponder on how to use their artwork to convey the most profound meanings, utilizing limited materials at their disposal to express boundless imagination and emotions. The beauty of art lies in its ability to make the abstract tangible through reality. 



Continuing in this tradition, we offer the finest downloadable online course materials on the market, co-authored by teachers GARYTU and CONNIE LIM

Course Content: Explore various illustration styles and techniques across different genres.

Creating your uniqueness, painting is a form of self-discovery.

Connie Lim's course materials teach you how to quickly grasp portrait features and brand design essence. Through understanding the characteristics of various media and the allocation of brushstrokes, you will use art to express spirit and convey art through spirit. Exploring your own drawing style and creating your own uniqueness is the core value that this course aims to bring to you.

Straight and soft, the neat combination of colored pencils and markers.

Complementing and contrasting, the charm of mixed media.

Colored pencils, through various strokes, can outline forms and color surfaces, while layering colors creates a gradual shift from dark to light, enhancing the quality of the artwork. On the other hand, markers offer a bolder approach, allowing for solid coloring, gradient coloring, and overlapping coloring in a simple and fast manner. The sleek combination of colored pencils and markers satisfies both the delicate contours of colored pencils and the robust color blocks of markers, resulting in a perfect balance of strength and softness.

Infusing art into fashion design, creating the extraordinary.

Life is changed by art, yet the pursuit of beauty remains constant.

The success of fashion brands attests to the sublime value of art. The crossover of art and fashion is not an unattainable concept; on the contrary, infusing art into fashion design allows it to swiftly permeate our lives in both tangible and intangible forms. A piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, a handbag—whether it's affordable or high-end custom-made, all start from an idea, a pen, or a painting. They are more like expressions of an artistic existence. How to convey your boundless imagination through art, and believe that you too can create something extraordinary.

Capture the British attitude in your art, and your creativity will never stagnate.

From concept to form, a profound learning experience.

The rich humanities and arts in the UK, including crafts, musical performances, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, and more, serve as a vibrant source of inspiration for British creators. Local culture and musical performances are often the center of attention. Without excessive pursuit of luxury, everything is a source of inspiration. Teacher Connie Lim hopes to exchange life experiences and anecdotes with students, to understand different people and things. Starting from imitation, students gradually find joy and maintain their own style. The lifespan of the physical body is finite, but creativity is limitless. Through this course, open up your third perspective, allowing inspiration to flow continuously and enhancing your perception.

The strokes of fashionability are always desirable.

The flow frequency of the image comes from your inspired strokes.

The texture of colored pencil strokes and the texture of watercolor pigments, the irregular sense of flow, and the rendering of light and shadow, first take shape in the mind, outlining blueprints of imagination. These images will then combine with your daily life experiences and personal hobby expressions, such as popular themes, preferred color palettes, material choices, and the presentation of atmosphere. This kind of collage and combination generates a flow frequency, resulting in a harmonious image.

The integration of new media breaks through the framework of art history.

The rich texture effect highlights the uniqueness of the style.

Acrylic offers a wide range of expressive possibilities with its flexibility in both oil painting and watercolor techniques. Its thick texture effect provides brightness, saturation, and abstract expression. When acrylic and markers are applied simultaneously on paper, the difference in pigment texture along with the intensity of colors creates a random flow effect, fully showcasing the pure imagery of pigments and colors. The creative use of mixed media allows artists to express their emotions based on the characteristics of the medium, blooming on the paper through the tip of the brush. By observing and feeling the characteristics of the subject, choosing the right medium, you can better demonstrate your unique and subtle style.



"Painting goes beyond the literal, embracing rich expressions of abstraction and emotion."

Merge the artistic essence with design inspiration, allowing this creative attitude to extend onto the artwork.


"Explosive creativity, bold use of color."

Join the course, meticulously tailored by GARYTU online classes. It will guide you through the art of painting to gain insight into the value of creativity in art. Together, we will explore new perspectives and creative approaches to step into the international market.

Different media create different styles of painting.

Each medium or material produces different effects.

Each brand has its unique style, and various painting media produce distinct effects. This course guides students in deciphering the mood, temperament, and emotions conveyed by each medium. It offers examples from different brands, enhancing students' understanding of material characteristics and sensations for improved proficiency.


"The Six Key Points About This Course"

These learning objectives will assist students in mastering core skills in the field of fashion illustration. Creating an outstanding portfolio is not only useful for applying to foreign art universities, but it also inspires creativity and cultivates a designer's perspective on the creative process.


Colored Pencils / Markers / Acrylics Basics

Learning how to apply colored pencils, markers, and other various media, along with their basic techniques and usage.


Basic Drawing / Fashion Illustration Basics

Understanding how to create a compelling portfolio by delving into concepts and ideas through design development, fabric samples, illustrations, and samples from actual photos.


Media Combination and Effects

Learning how to select appropriate media based on the requirements of different brands or fashion styles, and understanding the different effects brought about by each material to showcase diverse design capabilities.


Unique Portrait Techniques

Mastering Portrait Proportions, Elements, and Facial Features in Portraiture from Frontal Views to Various Angles


Fashion Dynamic Illustration

Learning to Depict Different Fashion Styles of Various Brands Using Different Media like Pencils, Watercolors, etc., with Emphasis on Body Proportions.


Fun Accessories and Product Illustration

Delve into the Art of Fashion Accessories, from Handbags to Footwear, and Gradually Learn the Step-by-Step Process of Illustrating Products from Start to Finish, Demonstrating Professional Techniques.


"Robust International Project Experience, Alongside the Most Sincere Three Guest Lecturers in History, Beyond Formal Curriculum."

"In this course, you will have the opportunity to meet highly professional guest lecturers - fashion illustrator GARYTU, expert international curator CARINA, and portfolio instructor DAVID. They have demonstrated the path to success through tangible achievements and are eager to share their experiences with you."

Portfolio Master: David Yang

Study Abroad Consultation - Let our professional study abroad advisors share information with you.

David Yang is an expert in study abroad applications and portfolio preparation, with extensive experience in various design-related fields. He has achieved notable success in international project management and cultural and creative industry brokerage. As a guest lecturer, David Yang will provide valuable guidance for study abroad applicants. The course also features professional study abroad consultants who will share insights into teaching styles, tuition fees, and living environments in different countries. They will recommend various schools, offering students a wealth of information to consider for their overseas study plans.

Embrace a mindset of creativity and design.

Teacher David Yang categorizes your inspirations to unearth unexpectedly brilliant ideas.

To soar onto the international stage, one must first possess a global perspective." David will guide you through different countries' trend styles, street cultures, lifestyles, and real-world environments, sharing practical experience and providing expert international insights. Cultivate a broadened perspective and a global outlook for students passionate about art and design.

Clear thought processes to eliminate confusion.

Systematic guidance for instant design comprehension!The teacher personally leads the way, making design easier than ever!

On the path of design, we always yearn for a strong guide who can lead us in the right direction. Teacher David Yang will personally open the door to design for you, allowing you to deeply experience the joy of design. Here, we firmly believe that design is not an unattainable skill; it has a complete methodology. Through guidance, you will learn how to approach design in a systematic way, giving your work more organization and professionalism. We will provide rich examples and hands-on experience to keep you from feeling lost in the design process. Whether you're a beginner or a design enthusiast with some experience, we believe you can find your own design path here.


Portfolio Applications:

Resume, Presentation, Pitch, Freelancing, Exhibition.

When Connie Lim taught at a university in London, the most common questions her students asked were: "Teacher, how do I actually start freelancing?" "As an artist, can I really have a stable income from this job?" "How do I even begin to approach clients?" In this course, teachers will bring in the common questions about freelancing that she encountered while teaching at the university, so that students don't have to exhaust themselves thinking about the potential of art as a career. Art students no longer have to face a blurry future. Most importantly, we can enjoy high-quality art courses at home with the same teaching quality as elite universities, all without spending millions in tuition. What are you waiting for?

Teacher GARYTU guides you in analyzing the context 

development of illustration art, exploring various styles.

With over two decades of experience, GARYTU, a seasoned fashion illustrator, brings a unique artistic perspective to dissect various styles of fashion illustration. From watercolors to charcoal, this art form demands mastery of brushwork, understanding of pigments, knowledge of art history, and staying abreast of current trends. This course guides you in adapting to evolving times, infusing your life experiences and talents into your art, and engaging with fashion culture. Through innovation and exploration, you'll apply and create new core values, effectively conveying brand concepts through imagery and color schemes. GARYTU shares his extensive painting experience for a comprehensive learning experience.

Professional Curator: CARINA

International exhibitions are no longer out of reach.

In this course, we have invited Carina, a professional curator who has been responsible for various international exhibitions, to share with us the details of preparing and establishing an international exhibition. You will learn about international curation methods, the abilities and mindset required for international exhibition planning, the services LEXPO can provide to artists, and Carina's experiences participating in exhibitions. Introduction to International Exhibitions: An overview of exhibitions managed by LEXPO in various languages/cultures/preferences. The differences between international art fairs and joint exhibitions with international galleries. The organization and process of international exhibitions. Detailed Process: The purpose of participating in international exhibitions, pricing strategies for artworks in international exhibitions, packaging, logistics, and customs clearance for shipping artworks, as well as digital archiving and printmaking of artworks.

Want to apply to art schools abroad but not sure how to create a portfolio?

Applying to an art school in the United States is more straightforward compared to applying to a general university. Choosing to attend an art school means you already have a clear goal in mind. Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information on how to tailor your portfolio to meet the specific requirements of each school? In this course, with the combined expertise of instructor Connie Lim and portfolio expert David Yang, you will learn how to navigate the complexities of portfolio preparation with a clearer and more focused approach!



"Uncover Insider Insights and Techniques You Can't Afford to Miss!"

Faculty at Top Art Schools

Limited Fashion Pre-order Gift

Creative Thinking and Multimedia

Explore a diverse range of mediums with Connie Lim, an experienced artist from Los Angeles and London. Learn to depict various brand styles through fashion case studies and refine your skills in capturing features, proportions, and expressions. With expert guest speakers and a systematic approach, you'll create a portfolio that showcases your unique style and talent.


"Fashion Show Anatomy: Igniting Creativity Through Observation"


"Captivating Elegance: Embracing Contours and Subtle Poise"



""Annual Grand Event: London Art Illustration Master, CONNIE LIM, Showcased in East London's Arts and Culture District.""

These learning objectives will assist students in mastering core skills in the field of fashion illustration. Creating an outstanding portfolio is not only useful for applying to foreign art universities, but it also inspires creativity and cultivates a designer's perspective on the creative process.


"Enroll in the course now for a chance to showcase your work on an international platform."

Garytu Online Class, an event hosted by Fashion Illustration Co., Ltd., offers students the opportunity to participate in the 『 East London Arts Space 』exhibition in the UK.

Exhibition Dates: May 7, 2024 - May 14, 2024

Submission Dates: Detailed information will be provided through the registration form.

Exhibition Theme: 'London Traveler'

Eligibility: Open to all participants of Connie Lim's 'Encounter with London' online course.

Mediums: Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Colored Pencils,

Markers Size: 210mm×297mm (no mounting required for submissions)

Slots: 40

Registration link for work selection: Click here to register

Exhibition Fee: Fully sponsored by Fashion Illustration Co., Ltd.
Fashion Illustration Co., Ltd. will oversee all aspects of exhibition planning, including pre-event administration, translation, visuals, promotion, opening reception, on-site translators during the exhibition, event photographer, booth setup and teardown, and local and international transportation.
Following the success of the Paris exhibition in France, we are excited to provide art enthusiasts and users of the online courses in the Asian region with an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents. Fashion Illustration Co., Ltd. upholds the spirit of Taiwan's internationalization, promoting opportunities for international exposure.


Redchurch Street, London: Delving Deeper into the Artistic Hub

Redchurch Stree9 Club Row, London E1 6JX

Redchurch Street - Named for its distinctive red brick architecture, this vibrant thoroughfare is often hailed as the "Fashion Engine of London." It proudly carries the artistic and cultural legacy of the Shoreditch district. Here, one can witness a lively canvas of street art and graffiti, complemented by a plethora of art galleries and cultural exhibitions. Despite its modest 400-meter length, the street plays host to a diverse array of individuals, from bohemian artists and chic urbanites to avid rock enthusiasts, all finding their niche amidst its dynamic atmosphere. Furthermore, Redchurch Street serves as a congregation point for fashion designers, jewelers, and purveyors of bespoke furniture and decor. It stands as an essential pilgrimage site for the fashion-forward crowd, a place where London's cutting-edge trends converge.


Exhibit with International Masters: Next Stop, London After Paris.

Space Overview: Club Row is a centrally located office space in the heart of Shoreditch, London. This space spans two floors - the ground floor and the basement. The frontage features full-length glass design, and inside, you'll find a medium-sized square room with high ceilings and exposed brick walls. The interior is clean and refined, and the entire space is well-maintained. In the basement, there's another medium-sized main room along with two additional smaller rooms.

Audience: Shoreditch attracts a vibrant, young, and fashionable audience. If you're looking to engage trendsetting individuals, this space is an excellent fit for you! It also experiences high foot traffic, with over 1300 visitors per hour.

Neighboring Businesses: Rub shoulders with the elite of East London as your brand stands alongside names like Murdock London, Shoreditch House, Electric Cinema, and BOXPARK.



"Six Learning Objectives About Our Three Guest Speakers"

These learning objectives will assist students in mastering core skills in the field of fashion illustration. Creating an outstanding portfolio is not only useful for applying to foreign art universities, but it also inspires creativity and cultivates a designer's perspective on the creative process.


Portfolio and Resume Guidance

Innovative Portfolio Creation: Unveiling Your Unique Voice in a Competitive Arena


Study Abroad Application Analysis

Maximizing Admissions Success: Crafting a Targeted Application Strategy


Illustrated Picture Book Analysis and Appreciation

Explore the historical context of illustrated books with guest lecturer Garytu, gaining valuable insights for your artistic journey.


Mastering the Fusion of Illustration Styles

Discover your unique style, drawing from personal experiences and selecting fitting mediums for creative expression.


About the International Exhibition Context

Explore the unique processes and presentations of international exhibitions in countries like France, South Korea, and the UK.


Exhibition Preparationsand Preparatory

Learn exhibition planning from expert Carina. Get insights and strategies for different exhibition types worldwide.

Demystifying Exhibition Curation: Behind-the-Scenes Insights

The profession of curating has gained widespread recognition with the flourishing contemporary art and cultural industry. While being a curator may sound romantic, it involves a multitude of intricate details. In this course, we have invited Carina, a longstanding collaborator with Fashion Inc., to shed light on how curation operates.
She will share the behind-the-scenes insights of curating exhibitions of various scales in Europe, including France, Switzerland, South Korea, YIA ART FAIR, the Carrousel du Louvre, personal art exhibitions, and commercial showcases. Carina will also impart her experiences and provide aspiring curators with valuable guidance to kickstart their curatorial journey.
If you're interested in curating, this is an opportunity you definitely won't want to miss!

『 Studying abroad 』might feel like a distant goal? There are so many things to prepare for, aren't there?

"What are the key elements of a strong portfolio? In this course, David will guide you in curating a portfolio that best represents you. A well-organized portfolio not only increases your chances of successfully applying for international projects but also serves as a crucial asset for clients and interviewers."

Making Studying Abroad a Reality: Overcoming the Preparation Hurdles

Setting learning goals, considering thought processes, and presenting the overall direction to showcase your strengths. Studying abroad is no longer a distant dream, it is within your reach, depending on your attitude towards learning.


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Frequently asked questions

About Class

  • Connie Lim is a professional illustrator and designer from Los Angeles, California. She has trained at prestigious universities such as Art Center College of Art and Design Pasadena (Illustration, 2008) and UAL’s Central Saint Martins in London (Fashion Design with Marketing, 2013). As an artist specializing in fashion, she merged her two loves of illustration and fashion design to create unique and striking images with a strong personal vision. She is an avid believer in traditional drawing and is interested in portraying her subjects in different contexts to create visual narratives.

    Connie is currently living in London and is a lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts Rochester and short course lecturer at Central Saint Martins and a guest lecturer at various other universities. She is PGCERT certified and part of the HEA (Higher Education Academy) fellowship. Her clients include Guerlain, Bulgari, Louboutin, Bielo, and Revlon and she has shown in galleries such as Oxo in London and participated in Light show installations in Amsterdam, MetroBooks in New York, Fashion Illustration Gallery AF, and ShowStudio. Her work has been featured in books including Martin Dawber’s Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration, and Beautiful by Gestalten and the latest by Taschen, The Illustrator - 100 Best From Around the World.

  • Course Summary & Learning Objectives

    • How to Design or Illustrate According to Different Brands or Preferred Fashion Styles
    • How to Create Frontal Portraits
    • How to Alter Facial Features
    • Facial Proportions and Placement
    • Fashion Runway Illustration
    • Human Anatomy Illustration
    • Accessory Illustration
    • Creating a Portfolio Suitable for Applying to Foreign Universities
    • How to Prepare for an International Exhibition
    • The Purpose and Core Values of International Exhibitions
    • Pricing Strategy for International Exhibition Artworks

    Things/Advice to Share with Students

    • Your portfolio should be personal, showcasing your taste and personality. It should not mimic someone else's portfolio but should be authentically yours.
    • You need a series of research pages demonstrating the exploration of the concepts or ideas you've chosen. This exploration should be thoroughly documented through numerous design iterations, fabric samples, illustrations, and samples from actual shoots.
    • Your portfolio should include a variety of illustrations.
    • Avoid copying others' work as much as possible.
    • Come up with original and engaging pieces.
    • Illustrations should be placed at the end of the portfolio.
    • Include life sketch illustrations.
  • "Welcome to the online course by 'Connie Lim' for anyone interested in fashion and fashion illustration techniques. 

    This course is not just about cultivating aesthetics. It is open to all ages and backgrounds. We especially welcome students who are considering pursuing further education in foreign art schools."
  • EP: 1~27
    No limit to the number of times
  • You can purchase the necessary tools after the course starts and choose the ones that suit you best.
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    • Different coloured felt tip pens
    • Posca Markers
    • A few inks in Black, red and gold.
    • Watercolour palette
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