• Duration600mins
    • Unit count22堂
    • Attendance 1212
    • Assignment4



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Worried about not being able to see the important details of your learning through the screen during the class? No need to worry! The entire range of GARYTU Online Classes offers you the highest 4K HD quality. With just one click to pause and zoom in, you can see the painting details more clearly. Providing you with a high-quality experience that feels like learning in person with the masters.

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Chinese New Years : Thanksgiving Gift

  • By pre-ordering the second season course before February 15th, 2022, and filling out the form, you will receive a limited edition mystery entrance gift!
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    *The entrance gift for the first season course has concluded as of August 30, 2021, and will no longer be distributed.

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    For students who have purchased the "Garytu Fashion Illustration Online Course - Season 1," pre-order the "Season 2 Online Course" before January 28, 2022, to receive a beautiful Chinese New Year red envelope.

    【Event Period】: From now until January 28, 2022.
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Online Class

  • The Season 1 focuses on the characters from fashion magazines. It gathers the best parts of Garytu's teaching experience, begins from the basic and is taught from easy to hard.

    In Season 2, Garytu will bring his students to the city of fashion -- Paris to explore the beauty of france women and architecture by quick sketching through the journey and finding the creative thought buried in the deep soul.
  • No period or number of times limits for watching the video after your purchase.
    You may watch the videos in anytime, with any devices, such as mobile, tablet and PC.

  • Season 1 is suitable for all levels learners. Teacher will begin the course from introducing basic drawing skills and tools.
    Reviews of some drawing skills will be done in Season 2. Beginners can also aquire the knowledge of basic drawing skills in Season 2.

    For thoses who want to master the skills of drawing faces, purchases of Season 1 and Season 2 are strongly recommended, which could also collect Garytu's fashion illustration classic drawing skills and contents.

  • For those who feel deep affection for aesthetic, fashion, garment, luxury brands etc, are all welcomed to register the course. 
    There are no age or gender limits. 
  • Garytu possess over 20 years drawing experience and teaches more than 10 thosands students in his physical class.
    He is proficient in teaching and has devoted times and efforts in Taiwan for years.
    For more information, please check out About
  • Purchase the tools after episode 1 is strongly adviced. Choose the tools which best fits your needs. 
    Basic tools requirements are watercolor, pencil, brush, paper etc. No designated brands for these tools.
    All these tools can be found at local art supplies store. You may also buy them at our Shop
  • At the insistence of Garytu, the course videos features the highest online courses production standard and the greatest shooting quality in Taiwan, that are also rarely seen in the world. 3 million NTD was spent to produce the videos at a cinematic level. In Season 2, the whole production group even travelled to France to complete the shooting.

    Video resolution and color sense are all adjusted by professional film gaffer to make the best presentation of the artwork in these videos.


  • There are 22 episodes in the length of 10 hours in Season 2. Stay tuned for our videos.
    *For Season 1, there are also 22 episodes in the length of 10 hours.
  • Season 2 will be showned on 2022/02/10 (Taipei Standard Time).
    *Season 1 had already been showned on 2021/07/15.
  • The tuition fee is 2500NT for every season, including 22 episodes in the length of 10 hours.

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  • Season 2 will begin showing on 2022/02/15.
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