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Fashion Illustrator-

Gary Tu

-A fashion illustrator with over 20 years of experience, collaborating with over 100 brands, including SAMSUNG, CHANEL, DIOR, and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.-


Graphic Designer -
Sentian Dazi

- International Designer with over 10 years of experience in freelance projects. Possesses a unique sense of personal aesthetics and a versatile style. Highly sought after by domestic and international brands. -





Brand Design Thinking.                  

Are you feeling lost when it comes to branding?
This course can help address those issues and provide solutions.


Graphic Design Framework                

Want to understand the principles of aesthetic in graphic design beyond just software proficiency.


Enhancing Sensitivity to Aesthetics

Through the practical experience shared by Garytu and Sentian Dazi, you can achieve more with less effort when it comes to handling freelance projects.


Foundations of Color Theory

Terms such as hue, color temperature, saturation, and brightness can be easily confused, yet they each have distinct meanings.
Clear understanding of their differences can enhance the details and texture of your artwork.


Improving Marketing Skills

Technical skills and marketing skills are not synonymous.
Improving communication skills relevant to the field is crucial when it comes to handling freelance projects.


Brand Advertising Materials

Optimizing your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), ROI (Return on Investment), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and other metrics is crucial for advertising success.
In addition to analyzing advertising data, visual optimization plays an important role in ad campaigns.

- Learn more-

Color analysis involves a detailed examination of colors, and having well-crafted course materials accompanied by instructional videos can greatly enhance the learning experience.


Collecting everyday objects and observing the aesthetics in your surroundings can serve as a source of inspiration for finding beauty.



Insufficient Brand Texture                                                                                 

The overall feel doesn't match the ideal image in mind even spending a lot of money hiring a designer.


The Quality and Service After Taking on A Project                      

After taking on a project, it can be frustrating when the client keeps requesting modifications and the desired quality and financial return are not met.


I Am A Newcomer and I Want to Learn About Taking on Projects

Just started a new job or recently graduated and have no idea how to communicate with clients?
How to present your portfolio and successfully take on projects?


How to Create A Visual Identity on Your Own                                

How to apply painting skills and design concepts to brand visuals?


How to Elevate A Brand and Make It More High-end or Premium

When your personal brand has reached a certain level and it becomes challenging to further enhance its quality.


How to Adapt During A Pandemic                                                            

When the pandemic impacts physical operations and you want to start digital transformation.


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi POP STORE|Illustration Visual-Garytu

The LANDMARK|Illustration Visual-Garytu

Donli Camellia Cafe|Brand Identity-Sentian Dazi

Garytu fashion illustration collection |Painting Album-Sentian Dazi, Garytu 





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About Class

  • Sentian Dazi

    Selected as the top international IdN Magazine graphic designer and many international magazines have cooperated with the Garytu brand for many years, a top brand planner who is quite mature in brand planning.

    Partner museums:
    Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China/Tourist Bureau of the Ministry of Communications/Cultural Bureau of Kinmen County Government/Tourist Office of Kinmen County Government/Cultural Bureau of Taoyuan City Government/
    National Culture and Art Foundation/Taiwan Opera Center/National Museum of History/National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts/Gold Museum of New Taipei City Government/
    Taipei Fine Arts Museum/Taipei Digital Art Center/

    Cooperative education unit:
    National Hsinchu Life Aesthetics Museum/Zhongqiang Optoelectronics Culture and Art Foundation/Xuexue Wenchuang Zhiye/

    Cooperation brand:
    GARYTU/Ai Li Furniture & Amy Boutique Home Furnishing/Human Flying Troupe/Silver Wing Cultural Creation/A lot of music/A lot of voices/Zhusheng Lecture Hall/Hongyu Digital/Maison de Waa/
    Minsheng Electric/HereNow/Invincible Film Industry/One One Film Industry/Times Publishing House/City State Culture/Shang Zhou Publishing
  • 1. Basic graphic design framework concepts.
    2. Basic brand design structure concepts.
    3. To improve their graphic typography skills.
    4. The application of hand-drawn illustrations and packaging and practical work.
    5. How to complete a piece of work and digitalisation.
    6. The production of the main visual of an illustration and how to design it.
    7. Matching of packaging materials, aesthetics and brand aesthetics.
    8. Learning to make your brand consistent.
    9. Learn how to improve the quality of brand advertising materials placed online.
    10. To enable even inexperienced brand entrepreneurs to produce their own materials.
  • Brand owners, aesthetics lovers, art-related workers, creative workers, entrepreneurs, second-time job seekers, job changers, illustrators, brand transformation, communication transformation, small and medium-sized business owners, video creators, e-commerce retail, community editors, event planners, advertising pitchers

    1. People who want to increase their aesthetic sense and improve their sensitivity to aesthetics.
    2. Those who want to understand the visual thinking of brands
    3. Those who want to understand how to find out their own sense of aesthetics.
    4. Those who want to understand how illustration can be combined with design and applied to packaging
    5. Business owners who want to improve the quality of their brand aesthetics.
  • Garytu believes that to successfully manage a brand, it also requires designers with different perspectives to communicate together and allow their individual aesthetics to diversify and extend. This course aims to cater to individuals who have a need for brand aesthetic design, using the simplest and most intuitive language to comprehend brand thinking.
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  • The cultivation of aesthetics can begin from everyday life. For instance, a beautiful painting, a melodious song, a well-coordinated outfit, the signage along the street, and the scenery along the way—all of these can generate a sense of beauty and sensitivity towards it through visual perception.

    Taste, starting from life.
  • Design isn't about being good or bad; as long as the composition is balanced, creating a sense of pure and harmonious aesthetics, while effectively conveying the core values of a product or business, that is what constitutes good design.


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