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特別企劃- 貓咪系列



A gentle brushstroke portrays the adorable form of a cat naturally. With layered fur and tiny nude paw pads, it simplifies complexity while accurately depicting the delicate appearance of a cat.


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"As Still As A Maiden, As Swift As A Hare."

Using various watercolor techniques, the agile and expressive demeanor of the cat is presented. Through flat washes, stitch-like strokes, and gradient effects, a combination of wet-on-wet techniques is employed.





Brushwork and Painting Techniques.

Wet-on-wet, blending and flat wash, etc.. How to apply them to animal fur painting while keeping the image clean!


Exquisite Watercolor Skills.

Animal painting is vastly different from portrait painting.
In addition to depicting the fur, appropriate watercolor techniques can better capture the posture and appearance of a cat.


The Smooth Flow of Fur Texture and Color.

Not sure how to depict the details of fur using watercolors? The course will focus on techniques for capturing animal fur.

"The paper is the stage for Gary, while the brushstrokes are his feline steps, and watercolors are like sheer fabrics moving forward with its intentions, sometimes blending, sometimes swaying."
The brushstrokes in watercolor gracefully wander on the paper, resembling the footsteps of a cat.


The Elegant Posture of A Cat.

Apart from illustrating fashionable actresses, Gary, a teacher and a cat lover, also creates artwork featuring cats.
Observing the graceful postures of cats, they are distinctly different from the elegance of women.


The Agile Charm of Cats.

How to accurately depict the lively gaze of cats and apply their charm to watercolor illustrations.


Paint Your Own Cat.

Are you also a cat lover? Paint a portrait of your furry friend! Preserve the memory of your beloved companion in a more heartfelt way.

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Created through a mixture of various watercolor techniques, paired with diverse brushes and brushstrokes, the artwork perfectly captures the soft and delicate appearance of the cat's fur.
We can explore the intricate control of water in the process together.

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Learning to depict lifelike expressions, whether it's a sleeping cat or a lively expression, watercolors can be skillfully utilized to bring them to life.
Even inexperienced beginners can learn and experience the joy of watercolor, while those with more experience can further refine their skills.
Watercolor painting is a journey where beginners can progress and seasoned artists can specialize.

-Step 01-

"As Still As A Maiden, As Swift As A Hare."

Using various watercolor techniques, the agile and expressive demeanor of the cat is presented. Through flat washes, stitch-like strokes, and gradient effects, a combination of wet-on-wet techniques is employed.


-Step 02-


Color Scheme Is A Big Knowledge In Art.

The perfect application of Burnt Sienna and England Red can be combined with Paris Blue and Mountain blue to create a variety of coat colors.





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  • "I have a cat named Heisen. I have raised it for 10 years. Actually, I am not very good at drawing cats, but I can start with Heisen."

    Learn to apply the cat's aura eyes, elegant and lazy posture to fashionable watercolor illustrations.
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