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Frequently asked questions

Online Class: About the Class

  • After many practical exercises in 2017-2021, the "Artist Lecture Series"  has concluded many people's pain points in starting new business and has sorted out some suggestions for those who are in the initial stage of business. In the depressed economy nowadays, many people are still keen to improve their life quality by starting a company, a studio, an enterprise, or doing brand transformation. With 10 years practical experiences, Garytu is going to show audiences his successes and failures in the entrepreneurial process. Audiences may learn about basic entrepreneurial knowledge, branding ideas, quotation and customer communication as well as attain the ability to solve business problems from artist's perspective. 

    The online class will include following topics:

    About Survive
    Can artist survive from art-related jobs?
    How can artist earn 30,000NT monthly?
    How can artist earn 50,000NT monthly?
    How can artist earn 1,000,000NT monthly?
    How can artist earn 3,000,000NT monthly?
    How can artist earn 5,000,000NT monthly?
    How to make quotation for artworks?
    The rise of creative slashie?
    Where should I start from? What is the first step?
    Is branding difficult? Is a brand hard to survive in Taiwan? Is creating a popular brand the only cure? Cannot compete with overseas brand?
  • In this class, Garytu is going to share his successes and failures in marketing. Audiences may learn about branding ideas, quotation and customer communication which are suitable for those who own a company, a studio, an enterprise or want to conduct brand transformation to recreate the aesthetic characteristics of the brand, or to know more details of brand management.

    The online class will include following topics:

    About Marketing

    Understanding artist marketing basic concepts\ How to organise overseas exhibition?
    How art fair works? Is it necessary to collaborate with art gallery?
    How to advertise in Facebook? Basic data analysis and advertising skills: Does one page advertisement or website work well? How to deal with IOS 14 privacy policy?
    What are the publicity effects of physical channels and paper media?
    Is the content traffic of self-media better than mainstream media? What is their realizable value?
  • Whether you are already preparing for your own business, worried about capital and fear that you will not succeed, Garytu will share his experience concerning the process of his financial integration. For those who are starting a company, a small personal studio or an enterprise, basic financial knowledge is a necessary. Garytu’s experience can be a reference to understand the method of communication with banks and investors.

    The online class will include following topics:

    About Finance and Expansion
    How much financial knowledge do artist need to understand?
    Do I need a loan? Can artist get loans?
    How to find business partners? How to invest and open stores across fields?
    How to maintain good relationship with bank, finance company and investor?
    Should I expand? Isn’t it good to be small?
    Do I need angel investors?
    Should I increase short-term dept or long-term dept?
    Does the company need to buy real estate or land?
    What is corporate social responsibility and positioning?

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  • Workers related to art & aesthetics, manicure, hairdressing, makeup, modelling, designers, creative workers, entrepreneurs, second-time employees, job changers, illustrators, artists, fashion designers, interior designers, florists, marketers, media public relations, social newcomers, and those who are having brand transformation, traditional business transformation as well as small and medium-sized business owners, teachers, education, image creators, e-commerce retailer, etc.
  • Garytu has started a business for decades since he was 19. Through the guidance of many benefactors and overcoming many failures, he has collaborated with more than 100 brands, more than 50 foreign brands, 10 advertising companies and more than 10 medias. He has transformed his studio into a company and now expands his career to investment field and even runs 2 art spaces which possess more 20 employees. He has successfully integrated his interest and work. 

    Learn more about Garytu : About
  • There are 10 episodes with 5 hours in total.

General: General Questions

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  • Arts Entrepreneurship will begin showing on 2022/03/01.
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