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Fashion Observer - ANNY


- Former Vice President of Fashion at VOGUE Taiwan 

Visiting Paris, Milan, New York, and London, the world's top four fashion weeks, leading Taiwanese artists to attend fashion weeks, completing Vogue cover shoots abroad.
For example, celebrities like Joey Yung, Vivian Hsu, Jam Hsiao, Dee Hsu, Namie Amuro, and Lin Chi-ling have been featured.
They have also interviewed influential European and American fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni (a Harvard Business School MBA teaching example).


- What Can You Learn From This Class?-

Case Study Sharing - VOGUE Fashion Shoot

In this course, Anny will share her personal experiences in clothing collaborations and diverse cross-disciplinary creativity, which will help cultivate your sense of fashion.

Case Study Sharing - VOGUE Fashion Shoot

Apart from having a keen sense of fashion, being an editor also requires excellent coordination and organization skills when it comes to scheduling and arranging various aspects of the work, including photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and editorial planning. This course will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the entire process.


【The Secrets of Fashion Editing】

Transmitting fashion foresight through words, conveying cultural perspectives through fashion, and creating unique collaborations with cross-media and brand partnerships, igniting sparks of creativity and innovation.


【Improving Fashion Styling Taste】

Where does outfit inspiration come from? It comes from life. By enhancing one's personal sense of style through the eyes of a fashion editor, inspiration can be found in everyday life.


【Skills Possessed By Fashion Editors】

How to provide real-time coverage at fashion shows, gain insights into fashion week topics, generate experiential content, write trend articles, conduct showroom visits, and handle on-site crises.


【Understanding The Process of Boutique Agency】

The designer's showroom and market demands, from daily life to current trends, will guide you on how to introduce international brands into the domestic market.


【Insights Into Consumer Preference Analysis】

In the business plan, you can analyze different target customer groups based on factors such as age, region, industry category, and select suitable brand products.


【Analyzing Brand Advantage Connections】

In addition to international brand agency, identify the selling points of a brand and establish a two-way connection with domestic brands.


- Learn More -

ANNY's exclusive interviews with world-class celebrities, such as CHIARA FERRAGNI, will be shared as part of the course.
These interviews will highlight Chiara Ferragni's journey from a fashion blogger to a brand founder, as well as her roles as a model and designer.
Chiara Ferragni's success story has even been recognized as a teaching example at Harvard Business School's MBA program.

This course not only introduces you to the four major fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris but also teaches you how to explore brand styles and their craftsmanship through these fashion weeks. Additionally, it guides various Taiwanese artists to participate in fashion magazine cover shoots.


- Who Is Suitable For This Online Course?-


【Brand Managers】                                                             

If you are interested in entering the fashion industry and have a passion for brand management, planning your career blueprint is all about becoming a brand manager in the fashion industry.


【Fashion Enthusiasts】                                                       

Do you enjoy fashion-related topics? This course can help you understand the mindset of fashion, as well as real-life cases in the fashion industry, clothing trends, brand trends, and popular elements.


【Entrepreneurial women in the era of empowerment】

Entrepreneurship/Career Change, seeking to transition into becoming a self-directed operator and fulfill the dream of becoming an independent and capable business owner.
Want to learn how to strategically operate with keen insights from the perspective of fashion brands.


【Those Who Aspire To Become Self-media KOL/KOC】

How to become a self-media creator and monetize through traffic, but struggling to effectively manage the operation? You need to hear the unique insights from both lecturers.


【Fashion Editors】                          

Individuals who are keen and talented in fashion writing, specialized event planning, and editing, and those who aspire to work in the fashion industry.


【Self-improvement - Students of Fashion Management】

Self-improvement in preparation for studying fashion management courses abroad.


Fashion Boutique Agent - Abby


- Imihwa, the founder of Imihwa brand, is the exclusive agent for various major international fashion boutique brands in Taiwan.
The brands she represents include Meli Melo, Rosa K, and Yaz Bukey. She also manages the brand Waekura and distributes brands such as Boy Smells and Sunny Life.

With a background in marketing and business management, she has experience in product planning, organizational management, and the planning of technology and financial products.
Due to her love for British design brands, she embarked on the path of brand agency entrepreneurship.


- British Designer Brand - meli melo -

Case Study Sharing - British designer brand-meli melo- Brand Agency

In this course, Abby will share her entrepreneurial experience and how to become a brand agent.
She will also provide valuable insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship and the professional knowledge required.
Additionally, she will discuss how to negotiate with the media to foster the growth of your brand, as well as managing customer relationships.
There are many valuable lessons to be learned from her.


- French Fashion Brand - Yazbukey-

Case Study Sharing-French Fashion Brand - Yazbukey- Brand Agency

How to stand out in a competitive market of trendy fashion and make a mark? This fashion boutique course is designed to enhance your practical skills in various aspects!

- What Can You Learn From The Online Course?-


【Learn How to Embark on The Journey of Brand Agency Entrepreneurship】

Feeling lost when it comes to brand agency? This course will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on fashion entrepreneurship, including topics like purchasing and brand representation.
It offers comprehensive content on starting a brand business!


【Develop Skills in Analyzing And Selecting Fashion Trends】                                      

Paying attention to the consumption preferences of different age groups, analyzing the trends of new product releases by major brands each season, and selecting the right products are more important than marketing. Selecting the right products is more important than marketing.


【Gain In-depth Insights Into Brand Trends Through Fashion Weeks】

Are you afraid that brand customers won't like your products?
This course can help you understand the unique characteristics of the four major international fashion weeks worldwide, the most representative fashion brand events that showcase brand spirit, and understand the trends of each season, making your marketing strategies more in line with current trends.



【Discover The Profitable Formula in Business Operations】

Successful brands need to possess multiple elements, including effective customer management and key entrepreneurial insights.


【Acquire Negotiation Techniques For Various Distribution Channels】

Understanding the customer's brand and aligning it with one's own strengths can enhance mutual benefits and expand the breadth of the customer base.


【Master The Essential Elements of Branding, Packaging, and Sales】

The three key elements that determine brand positioning from brand, visual packaging, to sales.


- Celebrity Endorsement-KOL -PUPUPEPE -

KOL -PUPUPEPE|The Owner of A Fashion Style Website

"Through the Fashion Boutique course, you can gain a deeper understanding of the fashion industry. Both ANNY and ABBY are highly experienced professionals in the fashion industry who can provide valuable assistance in learning brand representation, product selection, and achieving success in your entrepreneurial endeavors."

- 【Entrepreneurial Journey Event - Fashion Entrepreneurship Trip】 -

We would like to thank all the students who have participated in the Garytu Online Class. The team brings you exciting news! By purchasing the "Anny & Abby: Fashion Retail Management" online course, you will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a round-trip international flight! We have planned itineraries for the Selling Seasons in Paris, Europe, and New York, USA. As a bonus, we will provide professional buyer consultation and accompany you on visits to fashion showrooms. Plus, you'll receive tickets to fashion museums!
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Frequently asked questions


  • ANNY TING - Former Vice President of Fashion at VOGUE Taiwan

    Visited the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York, and London, leading Taiwanese celebrities for VOGUE cover shoots abroad, including celebrities such as Dee Hsu, Amber An, Jam Hsiao, Show Lo, Namie Amuro, and Lin Chi-ling. Conducted interviews with influential European and American blogger Chira Ferragni (Harvard Business School MBA teaching example).

    ABBY HUANG - Founder of imihwa Brand

    Coming from a marketing and business management background, involved in product planning, organizational management, technology and financial product planning. Started a brand agency business due to a love for British design brands. Represented brands include meli melo, Rosa k, Yaz bukey; managed brand Waekura, and distributed brands Boy smells and Sunny life.

  • Regarding fashion editing, you can learn from ANNY's personal experience, including observing brand trends and market attractiveness through brand fashion weeks. You can also learn about creative ideation for large-scale brand events, brand visual design, on-site crisis management, and real-time reporting of runway shows. Use words to convey fashion, transmit cultural perspectives through fashion, and combine media and business collaborations.

    Regarding brand agency, you can learn from ABBY's personal experience, starting from understanding brands and analyzing market demands and consumer preferences to selecting suitable brand products. Understand the advantageous connections between brands, learn negotiation skills for distribution channels, and explore branding, packaging, and sales to embark on your journey in brand agency entrepreneurship.

  • If you are interested in pursuing careers in fashion brand management, boutique brand management, product sourcing, international brand agency, retail distribution, brand management, editing, fashion media, fashion weeks, and related industries, you are welcome to join the "ABBY&ANNY: FASHION RETAIL MANAGEMENT" online course.
  • Garytu believes that in order for fashion and aesthetics to be closely related, it is necessary for lecturers with different mindsets to work together and allow their own sense of beauty to be extended in a variety of ways.
    This class is designed for people who have a keen interest in fashion, design and text, and to understand the background thinking of the fashion industry in the most straightforward language.
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