GaryTu Finest Sable Watercolor Brushes Collection limited editon

GaryTu Finest Sable Watercolor Brushes Collection limited editon

Brush set NT$3580
GaryTu Finest Sable・Watercolor Brushes Collection limited editon
GaryTu 經典全貂毛手工水彩筆系列 限量發售


Handmade wholly from carefully selected sable hair, the brushes are soft and their high elasticity help the bristles converge excellently, with great water saturation, to support, even, pigment absorption for brush strokes that are free, expressive, gentle and vibrant; the curved handle makes the brush easy to hold and the bronze stamping elevates it. The customized copper crimp creates a perfect marriage of bristles and handle, resulting in an elegant brush that is both, aesthetically, pleasing and practical. 

名稱:GaryTu finest sable・watercolor brushes 
內容物:全套 8 枝水彩筆

Product Name:GaryTu finest sable・watercolor brushes
Product Material:Sable Fur
Contents:Set of 8 watercolor brushes


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