Gary TU
Gary Tu, a Taiwanese pioneering fashion illustrator who specializes in women and fashion themed watercolor paintings. Every woman in Gary’s works shows different enchantments and unified identification which perfectly demonstrates the fusion of western styles and oriental ink painting elements. His reputation and painting’s visibility in fashion magazines are both increasing recently. Coming up with more and more famous brand projects, Gary Tu has become an icon of Taiwanese fashion illustrator

These qualities of fashion are shown in the paintings of Gary Tu that present his experiences, characteristic, and the emotion come deeply from his spiritEddie Yuan

The paper is the stretched platform of Gary Tu, the brushstrokes are his cat-like steps, watercolors are like sheer fabrics moving forward with his thoughts, sometimes blending, sometimes swaying. As a fashion illustrator, his artworks confidently walk like a model, draping colors to interpret the world in his eyes.

He is delicate, able to capture the subtlest emotions in a woman's gaze; he is bold, able to transcend conventional forms, using minimalistic brushstrokes to bring forth imagery. Deep within him, there's an eternal restlessness, nowhere to go, nothing to say, only to keep painting one after another, to find his own truth and tranquility.

He once felt he had no skills, working odd jobs everywhere, shifting aspirations, absorbing various thoughts along the way. The spatial layout of graphic design, the aesthetic beauty of clothing tailoring lines, the poised wrist movements of ink calligraphy, the profound utilization of watercolor pigments—all these skills have now converged in him, allowing him to draw a unique and clear path within the realm of fashion.

And so, the various gaps in his life's journey finally come together at this juncture.


2013-The first fashion illustrator to collaborate with Count in Taiwan for on-site portraits.
2013-The first fashion illustrator to collaborate with Milk X magazine in Hong Kong for a featured spread.
2014-The first fashion illustrator to collaborate with Taiwan's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Pop Fashion Store.
2014-The first Taiwanese fashion illustrator to invest a million New Taiwan Dollars in creating an internationally standardized printed art book.
2014-The only Taiwanese fashion illustrator to collaborate with Formosa Motors BMW in Taiwan.
2015-The fashion illustrator with the most collaborations with Taiwanese luxury brands.
2015-The first Taiwanese fashion illustrator to collaborate with The Landmark, a top Asian luxury department store in Hong Kong.
2016-The artwork is permanently collected by the Michelin three-star restaurant 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA.
2016-The artwork is permanently collected by The Landmark Mandarin Oriental's restaurant AMBER, a Michelin two-star restaurant.
2017-The artwork is exhibited in France, selected in the top ten, and auctioned at the Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange.
2017-The artwork is showcased in a commercial art exhibition in France and is awarded the European Contemporary Art Prize presented by Dr. Jean-Charles Hachet, a medical doctor. The artist has ventured into both the realms of art and literature, having won awards from the French Academy of Fine Arts competition, literary awards, and medals from the National Antique Salon.
2018-The only Asian fashion illustrator selected for the P/CAS - Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA ART FAIR, a showcase of emerging contemporary art in Paris.
2019-The only Asian fashion illustrator selected for the P/CAS - Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA ART FAIR, a premier exhibition featuring emerging contemporary art in Paris.
2020-The only Asian artist to be awarded the Silver Prize at the Italy Muse Design Awards and nominated for the Italy A' Design Award.

Adjunct lecturer at the Design School of Shih Chien University.
Adjunct lecturer at the Learning Creativity Institute.
Adjunct lecturer at the Extension Division of Chinese Culture University.
Adjunct lecturer at Wang Jian Design School.
Adjunct lecturer at the Teaching Resources Center of Northern Taiwan Institute of Science and Technology. Adjunct lecturer at National Defense Medical University.

VOGUE、ELLE、BAZAAR、Shincho Magazine、SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI、The LANDMARK、Breeze、BMW、Montblanc、Brunello Cucinelli 、MILK X、Elizabeth Arden、Piaget、LOEWE、TOD'S、Kate has a loft、Fairyq Artisan jewelry、Red valentino、Vacheron Constantin、Franck Muller、Tiffany&co、Club Monaco、Error Design Taiwan、Zine Magazine、What's Next Magazine、dpi Magazine、Business Weekly、MUZIKWe People 、Darphin、Jaeger-LeCoultre、Christian Louboutin  、Hennessy、Chole chen、Clé de Peau Beauté 、SAMSUNG 、eslite  、Akachen、 Mountain Living、John Lobb 、NIKE 、DIOR、Hongkongland 、JuliartMarie Claire  、Häagen-Dazs 、 BVLGARI 、CHLOE、CHANEL、COACH、Men's Uno Taiwan、Nespresso、M·A·C、ZENITH、SHIATZY CHEN、SUNCOLOR CULTURE CO., LTD. 、Maserati 、Merck Sharp & Dohme、JUT LAND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.、Virtuoso Robotic CO., LTD.、Loro Piana、Minoshin International Co., Ltd.、Harry Winston、Leonard 、meli melo、imihwa、Maybelline Taiwan、Ogilvy & Mather、ASUS、Audemars Piguet、The Macallan、MINI COOPER、Audemars Piguet、La Vie Magazine、MIKIMOTO、Schweppes、ISSEY MIYAKE、De Beers、HONOR CONSTRUCTION LTD. 

2013-Small Group Exhibition [Beautiful Folly]
2014-Mitsukoshi Xinyi Store Curve Pop Fashion Store 
2014-Mitsukoshi-Taipei Main Station and Tainan Xiaoximen Window Display Exhibition.
2014-Kate has a loft. First Solo Original Art Exhibition
2015-BMW-Artwork Exhibition at BELLAVITA New Car Launch
2016-Mountain Living Cross-boundary Exhibition
2017-Select Shop-Hotel V Fashion Men's Wear Exhibition Fushion
2017-Centre d'art et de création Aulnay France ONA Spring Art Salon Exhibition
2017-Le Salon Business Art France Commercial Art Salon Exhibition
2019-TED Talks x NTHU Art Entrepreneur
2020-「 Fashion Illustration Exhibition || National Taiwan Arts Education Center」
2021-「Paris is within the backyard of my hometown – Taiwan」Mitsukoshi Xinyi StoreA9
Garytu fashion illustration collection 2014
Garytu fashion illustration collection - Scarlett 2019
Garytu fashion illustration collection - AVANT GARDE 2023