Garytu Fashion Illustration Book-Scarlett

About the Author

Fashion illustrator GaryTu, following the release of the first collection in 2014, has produced numerous remarkable works. Among them, nearly 80 classic pieces have been carefully selected and published once again with top-tier quality. With no reservations, this edition shares the essence of creativity and the journey with those who love fashion illustration like you.
This collection adheres to high standards, featuring a finely crafted hardcover with delicate cloth binding, carefully selected printing paper, and a layout designed for tactile sensations. The content includes recent creative discussions, exhibition experiences, and insights into commercial operations. All of these are captured using the world-class PHASE ONE IQ180 digital back and scanned by the German Cruse high-level platform scanner for digital archiving. Professional color consultants implement international standard color separation, and top-tier printing faithfully presents the intricate watercolor brushstrokes, ensuring no loss of authenticity, much like the original works.

Gary Tu, a Taiwanese fashion illustrator who specializes in women and fashion themed watercolor paintings. Every woman in Gary’s works shows different enchantments and unified identification which perfectly demonstrates the fusion of western styles and oriental ink painting elements. His reputation and painting’s visibility in fashion magazines are both phenomenal. Coming up with worldwide famous brand projects and exhibiting in the city of art - "Paris", Gary Tu has become an icon of Taiwanese fashion illustrator.

About the Production Team

Published:Toner Gallery.Co
Author: Gary Tu
Illustrator: Gary Tu
Reporter: Yen-Yen Chen
Proofreader: Wei-Ting Chang, Yu-Chun Huang
Translator:Gary Liaw
Visual Design: Sentian Dazi
Illustration Photography: KC SOHO Photography Studio
Paris Photography:Cédric Eyma
Color Consultant: Ross Wang
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