「Garytu Fashion Illustration Picture Book: 100 FASHION POSES IN TREND」

Fashion illustrator Garytu's elegant line art is tailored for fellow drawing enthusiasts to experience the joy of creation. The aim is to make drawing accessible and enjoyable for those who wish to explore their artistic talents. This book presents 100 different styles of fashionable clothing, providing aspiring artists with a platform for free creativity. The book accommodates a wide range of artistic media including【colored pencils】【acrylics】【watercolors】【pastels】【pencils】【makeup】. It serves as a relaxing and stress-relieving tool while also refining color coordination skills and aesthetic senses.

Contents: 100 Fashion Clothing Cards : Each design features clothing model cards. Front view of female【clothing】themes, front view of female【facial features】, and side view.

Usable Media :【Colored Pencils】【Acrylics】【Watercolors】【Pastels】【Pencils】【Makeup】
Box Dimensions: 14.8cm x 21cm x 2.3cm
Paper Material: 145gsm Thick Pounded Daolin Paper
Actual printing results may vary from what is displayed on mobile devices and computer screens, and will be based on the released products for sale.
Usage Examples : Coloring figures, practicing combinations, line exercises, comprehensive practices. After completion, you can mount it yourself for decoration.
Suitable Audience :【All Ages】. Even if you haven't drawn before, you can start right away. For those who have experience, you can practice precise coloring. For those with high work stress, you can practice at home after considering taking art classes.
Suitable for【All Ages to enjoy painting as a family activity】. After completion, you can discuss with classmates in【Physical Classes】or【Online Classes】.

Original Price : $1980 NTD
Open Pre-order Promotion : $1250 NTD
The promotion is calculated based on sales orders on the official website : (Actual prices will be adjusted in a rolling manner based on the latest pre-order quantities and updated prices)
Super Value Pre-order : Set No. 0~500 : $1250 NTD (The promotional offer is about to be sold out, please take advantage of the time to pre-order)
Set No. 501  to No. 1000 : $1350 NTD
Set No. 1001 to No. 1500 : $1450 NTD
Set No. 1501 to No. 2000 : $1550 NTD
Set No. 2001 to No. 2500 : $1650 NTD

Pre-order Package 1 
【Garytu Fashion Illustration Sketchbook Single Set】
Original Price : $1980 NTD
Early Bird Price : $1250 NTD

Pre-order Package 2
【Garytu Fashion Illustration Sketchbook Double Set Special Offer】
Combined Price for Two Sets : $2300 NTD Limited to 200 sets

Package 3 
【Garytu Fashion Illustration Sketchbook Single Set + Faber-Castell 60-color Academy Watercolor Pencils (Red Box) Single Set】 Combined Price : $2780 NTD Limited to 200 sets

Package 4 
【Garytu Fashion Illustration Sketchbook Double Set + Faber-Castell 60-color Academy Watercolor Pencils (Red Box) Single Set】 Combined Price : $3800 NTD Limited to 200 sets

Package 5 
【Garytu Fashion Illustration Sketchbook Single Set + Faber-Castell 60-color Artist Watercolor Pencils (Green Box) Single Set】 Combined Price : $5050 NTD Limited to 100 sets

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